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  1. I think the problem is the program trying to connect to brickshelf using http instead of https.
  2. @MajklSpajkl that's called troubleshooting...
  3. MLCAD has an option to export it's submodels. Souds silly, but you can find it in the menu bar under "submodels"
  4. Actually, this one is not mine. This one belongs to Klaus Hansen. Klaus his model is I guess a derivative of the model of Jean-Marc Nimal: This one is mine: My module is running clockwise where the others are running counterclockwise... (two links to the same video with a different starting point...)
  5. The closer you get to the exact weight the better. But @JBrost is right in what he says...
  6. you can find it in several of my videos where I follow the blue ball. An example:
  7. It would be nice if everyone would do something like that. On a show there are people asking so you tell them it is not your creation but from someone else. They give you credit anyway and you gave credit to the original designer by telling. But how about those God knows how many viewers who don't ask? They asume you build it and so the original designer doesn't get any credit. For that I do like the aproach of Klaus Hansen. He uses a 1x6 tile with his name as the builder and owner of that module and a second tile 1x6 with "Design: Akiyuki" if it is not his own design. I give credit in my Youtube videos by puting a line "Design: Maico Arts" or something like that next to each module. If I know the name of the original designer...
  8. Good idea. Just downloaded the zip file and extracted everything and put in the location of the previous version. Thanks!
  9. Hmm, I had the same pain in removing version 2.3.7. Finally running 2.3.8 by removing a lot of stuff from 2.3.7 by hand. Now when trying to update to 2.3.9 there is a problem uninstalling then 2.3.8 version...
  10. @Berthil is right, In my module the archimedes screw itself is rotating, in this module it is stationary. Offset in this module is two studs. That would be too wide in my module... :-)
  11. just did :-) Those green wheels look very familiar :-)
  12. My list of events in june and july which I will or cannot attend: june: LEGO Fanweekend Portugal, Parades de Coura, Portugal ( (I can't be there though) Absolut Steinchen, Hochschule Reihn Bonn Sieg, Sankt Augustin, Germany (I will be there) Festijn met Bouwsteentjes, LEGIO museum, Grootegast, Netherlands (I will be there) Fanabriques, Colmar, France, (I will be there) juli: Brick.IE, Ireland (I can't be there) I don't know if the organisers of the event I can't attend have other GBC builders Who do participate. Kind regards, Maico Arts
  13. You can find it here too
  14. This video is indeed my video but the GBCoaster is NOT from @shadow_elenter. This one is build by NXTChris...
  15. That's easy... Make an early 70's module... Something like this:
  16. You have 4 positions for the axle to put in the universal joint. So you can create 4 fases to spread the load as evenly as possible. Even with 2 positions you are balancing out, because the piston going down is already helping the motor a little bit with gravity and it doesn't have to be pushed upwards...
  17. Today I got some info from Aron Lockhart about fixing the motors. I might try that. I have opened some motors, but never the actual electro motor inside.
  18. @RohanBeckett Oh, I don't know how many motors I have. a couple of hundred?, 4 volt, 12 volt, 9 volt several types, pf motors, mindstorms motors for nxt and ev3... I think this is a nice picture... Ow, these are the motors I have broken in about ten years of building GBC
  19. @Ankoku, Thanks. Never crossed my mind...