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  1. My original Black Seas Barracuda. Purely for sentimental value. It was a gift from my since deceased uncle. It's my most precious set of Lego solely for that reason.
  2. BossFight

    Cliff Fortress

    This is really nice looking! I like how the rocks turned out. Looking forward to the end result!
  3. Yeah I am definitely going to put in an entry. Not the best moccer yet but it will be fun to have some sort of incentive to build!
  4. Hi! So this is my first attempt at a larger moc. I like the way the tower looks at this point. Did not take any pictures of the cross mosaic detail beneath the tower yet(which I am particularly proud of). Also the second smaller tower still needs some work and I need to close of the walls on either end beneath the roof. I am just a little stumped when it comes to the roof. I don't really have the parts needed to cover it with smooth plates and I do want to give it some sort of texture. So any ideas or examples are very welcome. I will post updates in this topic as I go along. Hope you guys like it. IMG-20150802-WA0006 by Rens Kievits, on Flickr IMG_20150802_173953 by Rens Kievits, on Flickr
  5. BossFight

    HELP what game is this?

    Probably 'Democracy 3'
  6. BossFight

    MOC Pirates Paradise

    I like the half sunken ship a lot! Nicely done!
  7. You are a LEGO building GOD. I mean, come on! This is insane. I salute you.
  8. BossFight

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Amazing builds! Massive congrats to all. Category A: #5 #4 Category B: #4 #5 Category C: #4 #6
  9. BossFight

    [MOC] Jungle Adventure

    Nice build, I like the variety in colours of the flora!
  10. BossFight

    [MOC] Death marks the spot.

    Yeah in retrospect I should have payed more attention to the pictures. And thanks for the compliments!
  11. BossFight

    [MOC] Death marks the spot.

    Thank you! I would've liked to create a better looking kind of water, but I simply don't have the parts yet.
  12. BossFight

    [MOC] Death marks the spot.

    My very first MOC. I know the pictures are not of the best quality, and the lighting is horrible. It is more of an experiment for me to see how to build a scenario which makes some sort of sense and tells a little story on it's own. Any and all tips or comments on how I could improve this build are very welcome! [MOC] Death Marks the spot. by renskievits, on Flickr [MOC] Death Marks the spot. by renskievits, on Flickr [MOC] Death Marks the spot. by renskievits, on Flickr
  13. BossFight

    [MOC] Spanish (custom) ship "El Principito"

    To which set do those hullparts belong to??
  14. BossFight

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    I quess because not all parties included have an emphasis towards seafare. Islanders for instance wouldn't have "fleets" of anything other than crocodiles maybe.
  15. BossFight

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    Thanks you! I have just finished organizing and sorting my humble collection of lego, so I will start building soon. I truly hope they will be able and willing to create something along the same lines as GoH at it's humble beginnings at least. And then it would be up to the builders to create something amazing. There is so much potential in the Pirate theme because of the double emphasis on landbased- and ship(and the combination of both) MOC's.