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  1. GregD

    10303 Loop Coaster

    Oof, very exciting thank you, hope it’s dark azure pillars. Much higher than 10261, almost the height of Vestas Turbine
  2. GregD

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hello fellow modular fans! Finished the build of BH yesterday and I’d like to vote for it as the best modular yet. Main reason probably is the building at an angle, adds extra complexity and intrigue. I love the references to previous modulars, even if some of the are a bit contrived I don’t mind, it’s all fun. I love the light nougat and the overall colour scheme, the hotel staff minifigs, the art shop, the furniture inside - yes these cabinet doors fly open!, the tiling on the ground floor, the visitor book. There’s just so much more to the modular with the red piece at the base of the palm tree, and overall more specific pieces compared to only being able to use existing pieces already in production. I have 2 hotel rooms in my Cafe Corner interior, so 5 rooms in total now. Tourist town! Looking forward to the Music Hall!
  3. GregD

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Very happy with this modular, loads of character and the shape is iconic, I love the light nougat bricks and the overall colour scheme. I like the blue colour on the art gallery (traditional blue which I think has been a little lacking throughout the series), and I like the coral flowers which adds a new colour. Definitely one of the best ever modulars for me, really I like them all in their own way. I’ve even grown to like the palm tree. The art gallery is great and no problem for me about the size, just a little cosy place!
  4. GregD

    [MOC] MoMA - Museum of Modern Art

    Amazing building, just want to say thanks to simon84 for a great design, I finished my MoMA recently and it looks great on my modular street. Was slightly worried it would look a little out of place colour-wise but I don’t think it does. It stands out from the rest of the street, and it should stand out. Great design and instructions, when I first saw it at start of the year I loved it, then the next day I realised I had to build it! I didn’t change much, used all the stickers as suggested - changed the staff minifigs to lime torso with dark pink arm and medium azure arm, bright light orange legs, I think they go well.
  5. GregD

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes, I think a Lego store may come in the future, although is maybe too modern.., most modulars are of an older era. I’m interested in people’s thoughts for the next 10 years of modulars, I’m more thinking of style chat rather than what types of shops/public buildings. The last 3 modulars have been very good and I was very happy to see a garage and a police station, but should the style change now? - by Thita is excellent, so maybe we could have a few years in a row of more Chinese or Asian style, it would still fit well on the modular street. Hope it’s not seen as too similar to Ninjago City. Each modular is still unique, and they look great side by side. Downtown Diner was very different to what had gone before. It’s been such a successful series, just think it needs more yet to keep it fresh. And as much height and width variation as possible, which was evident in Police Station, 18 studs wide main station building. Baseplate and a half hopefully coming soon although may have to wait for 20th anniversary…
  6. GregD

    10278 Police Station

    Very very happy to finally have a Police Station!! Was disappointed at first the station didn’t use the full baseplate but on reflection I think it’s great. Good to have a different sized building, 18 studs for the station, medium lavender is great, with great colour divide with the green ivy on the wall, sand green too is good. What I like is it’s just a great, simple, small community police station, a presence on the street but not the main station, every floor in line size wise, I like the dark tan brickwork, love the use of dark blue sign and flags to give it the important police feel.., and the minecraft wolf pieces at the top, which is what Lego have to do to differ from all the MOCs. No car, no helicopter, not needed, like the height too, considerably taller than the bookstore. Looks great next to the book shop, think that’s where I’ll put mine too. Looking forward to building, thanks Lego
  7. GregD

    10264 Corner Garage

    I like this one a lot, best one for me since PR. I agree it kind of looks uninspiring in some ways but to me that's the whole point! We're building a town after all, and it's good to have some similarities, and we definitely need a garage and a petrol station - a necessity for a Lego town. But there also enough variations in each modular for them to have their own character, and they've done a good job here with a different type of corner - the gaps don't bother me at all. So each modular with their own character, and they look even better when side by side... I have my PS next to TH so already had the sand blue/dark orange combo. Also I like the blue truck and yellow signs - good to have original colours make an appearance - I have fond memories of the 6363 garage - blue with a yellow car.. Plenty room in the garage and around the petrol pump! And that's the last I will look at it until I buy it - really enjoyed the DD build more this year since I didn't over-analyse the pictures like in previous years.
  8. GregD

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm very excited for these sets! I'd never heard of Overwatch, was intrigued with the Lego announcement… so 3 weeks ago I bought a secondhand xBox and went for the free Overwatch trial. Bought it after the trial and now I'm really enjoying playing and getting better – but there’s a long way to go! Really like the multi-player and teamwork aspect, and how slick the game works. The characters are all great, the sets will be very successful – I think a lot of Overwatch fans will buy the sets, a much higher percentage than Disney or Harry Potter fans. Look forward to seeing MOCs of Eichenwalde and Hanamura etc! Some characters will be difficult to make such as Orisa, and hope Lego do a good job of the size ratio – would expect Winston and Reinhardt to have Axl Nexo Knights torso or similar. Would expect there to be lots of new pieces.. And no doubt we’ll be getting Diva in her pink tank!
  9. GregD

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I finished my Diner last night and am very impressed overall, which surprised me - I liked the original picture but thought it would be too bright to go with the others. But it does go well - the car goes well too (didn't like the PC car). For 2 months I managed to avoid looking at more detailed pictures and this helped me enjoy the build a lot more. Liked the open staircase at the back, all 3 indoor floors, roof design, Diner lettering is clever. Looking at all the lettering, Hotel, Shop, Palace, Pool, Diner are all different styles. Only 1932, Pets, 1891 have the same style. I didn't buy it straight away this time but was patient and waited until the 60 year set offer. Had been thinking it's not 100% certain I'll continue to buy modulars, but it probably is - there's always something you can add to your street! And in 2 years we've had diner, gym, recording studio, cafe, music shop, dance studio, florist, photography studio, bakery, dentist, apartment... A lot..
  10. GregD

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm happy overall with the new Diner. I'm going to try to avoid watching the video and looking at the detailed pics - since I think it spoils some of the surprises when you build it. Disappointed that the smiley faces have gone, hope that Lego continue to produce for many years so they're easy to get hold of. But agree AS was end of old era and last of smiley face, the new heads will help sell more I think. Dark turquoise is extremely bright though - it will really stand out next to the others. I had a modified PS built where I replaced the 6 wide green/grey awning with dark turquoise. But even that was so bright I changed it to something else. So it might not be for a few years when other colourful modulars come out that the overall look settles down. Even an all-lime minifig adds more brightness than we're used to. I like that they are changing the building widths, the main building is 2 studs wider than PR. Nice to have different heights and widths! Maybe a lower building of a baseplate and a half in future!?
  11. GregD

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    While disappointed not to hear so far, I'm thinking it would be better if I shut myself from all news until buying the new modular in January. That way I would enjoy the build a little better, and get more pleasant surprises... I probably will buy the new modular regardless but recently have been thinking it's not a dead-cert buy anymore. DO to me was disappointing, it's ok but has no lasting quality like earlier modulars. BB was ok but quite small. AS very nice on its own but doesn't look great next to other modulars. If there were yearly additions to Ninjago City I might swap over from modulars!
  12. GregD

    10255 Assembly Square

    Very happy with Assembly Square! I have Cafe Corner but not worried at all about having a 2nd similar cafe on my street, and it's a nice touch for people who missed out on it. I like all the shops and what's upstairs, and that's despite already doing my own bakery and own florist, better for them to be in competition! And how did a minifig get hold of Cafe Corner if this is 1920s/1930! I've decided my street is 1983... Here's my Mar 2013 post mentioning dentist, florist, bakery, detective office, do you think Jamie was influenced by it!!?
  13. There was a box out in John Lewis Edinburgh, got the 3 I wanted, babysitter, spooky guy, dog show guy
  14. GregD

    Lego hair pieces

    Spotted a missing one - the lighthouse keeper from Scooby Doo has light bley version of dwarf white hair/beard all-in-one. I'll go and find out which set the new superman hair in medium dark flesh comes from, I hadn't spotted that yet. Great list, very useful! I like to build up variations in civilians for my modular town using new torsos and hairpieces (all with standard smiley face). Hard to justify getting all of them though, such as Velma - I just want the hair and torso, her legs are useless since flesh coloured skin shows...
  15. GregD

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    I have one of each, including a bricklinked MS which I actually really like. CC I got secondhand, others were new. Got 5 Pet shops though! Two are on my street, one as original, 2nd one I changed to a toy shop in bright light yellow. Still deciding what to do with my other 3 - estate agent, butcher, fishmonger, florist are all possible. I like changing little colours here and there on the townhouse. Delighted that the purple door came out in Scooby Doo - that's going on my next townhouse...