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  1. adello25

    (Completed) XL Detective's Office 10246

    Wow I really love that design!! Great work
  2. Very nice detailing on the front. I too thought the set needed an update to fit all the dwarves. I did a little less customizing to the set, just the eating area.
  3. adello25

    10255 Assembly Square

    I can't wait to see all of the Assembly Square XL version that get created. This is such a great set and a fun build.
  4. adello25

    10255 Assembly Square

    Already thinking about the Assembly Square XL that I will design similar to the Grand Emporium, Town Hall, and Fire Brigade XL's that I have
  5. After purchasing the Ford Raptor set, I looked at it and thought it looked a little too small. I decided to extend the truck by a few studs. I also wanted to keep the rubber band suspension but the pins were too far apart so I decided to use one rubber band per wheel. I also gave the trunk a removable hard top. Here are some pictures. Also, I love the Audi R8 car and being a huge Iron Man fan I had to create the Audi R8 in a different color so I chose red. It is the same mode l and design as the official Lego set just a few less stickers...
  6. adello25

    City Square

    This is amazing! Such an amazing set up
  7. adello25

    10251 Brick Bank

    I originally had plans to MOD this set to a bigger one, but after building it I am thinking of possibly turning the bank into a complete 32x32 modular (no laundromat)
  8. adello25

    10251 Brick Bank

    Hasn't even come out yet and I already plan to do the same thing! I have done it for the Town Hall, Grand Emporium, and Fire Brigade. Haven't gotten around to do the others yet but plan to eventually.
  9. adello25

    (MOD) UCS Bat-Pod

    The Bat-Pod uses Dark Pearl Grey pieces, not black. The instruction booklet shoes part number 4623002, which is the Hero Factory shield in Dark Pearl Grey. The black pieces are part number 4652395
  10. adello25

    The Big Bang Theory Discussion

    Checked it out. Very nice design. I think I am going to do something similar as in not an exact replica. But I also want to make Leonard and sheldons room's
  11. adello25

    The Big Bang Theory Discussion

    I definitely thought about it! it will be interesting to see how close it can be made to the actual layout considering the apartment is mad up of a few diagonal walls.
  12. adello25

    My Avengers Tower MOC

    Thanks! I actually had original plans to make it taller too! Some basic ideas and will take some from the original model. Obviously a tech lab for Stark and Banner with Loki's sceptre. I wanted to create a floor with all little niches for each Avengers; place to hold Hawkeye's bow, etc. And since Iron Man is my favorite, wanted to dedicate a floor to him with maybe a little custom hall of armor type setup.
  13. adello25

    My Avengers Tower MOC

    After originally seeing 76038 Avengers Tower, I thought that the set looked great but was way too small. So before i even bought the set, i had plans to make it bigger. I am not finished yet. Still waiting on some Bricklink orders. Need to add detail to the floors and finish off the roof. I tried to keep most of the same design. I increased the size both ways.
  14. This is the most amazing MOC I have ever seen!!! Amazing work
  15. adello25

    Custom Avengers Tower

    Awesome job man! I am in the middle of designing a custom tower too. I am making it a tad bigger, a couple studs both ways. Will post pics when I get something built.