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    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    We already have frodo/sam, but Lego doesn't like to make to many sets without including some member of the fellowship+gollum. I'm betting we will get a frodo/gollum in an Osgiliath set or maybe a mordor set. Given the sets they make, including the main characters is almost as important as the scenes their in.
  2. BrickBucket

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    I think it depends more on economics and if they can fit it into the pricepoint they have for the set. Lego is hard to predict, I didn't even see the $99 pirate ship ambush coming. for all we know Lego could just include the witchking in a minis tirith courtyard scene or nazgul/felbeast in osgilath related set.
  3. BrickBucket

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    1) oops, fixed 2) yup 3) I think they can do without Theoden as he already came in helm's deep and it would keep the price point down 4) Definitely something like that I think in 90% of the tine the small sets have two adversaries in them, Gandalf and Frodo was an exception, and apart from Galandriel and Frodo (which would be a boring set for kids) I drew a blank at what would make a good $12.99 set apart from Aragorn fighting something/someone. Care to name a few ideas for sets that have at least one of the main characters (but no Gandalf, Gollum or Frodo which have already been in these small sets)?
  4. BrickBucket

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    already covered in 3) Pelennor Fields , just updated it to include the felbeast there for $15 dollar set they should have only 1-2 figs, each being opponents
  5. BrickBucket

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Been watching a lot of LOTR lately, and been speculating on what sets they might if any bring and what we haven't seen yet Here's my list of characters we haven't had that figure prominently in my mind as possible inclusions in sets: WitchKing, Faramir, Eowyn, Balrog, Galadriel,Denethor, Gothmog, Gondor Soldiers, Mumakil Scenes not portrayed with new characters Balrog vs. Gandalf, Siege of osgiliath, pelennor fields, siege of minis tirith, Lórien, minis tirith courtyard and I'm sure a whole lot more, but none that haven't been done before or that stuck in my mind I do think that Lego will probably do something the fans keep clamouring for and I think something with Balrog, Nazgul and a scene involving Gondor soldiers would be the only thing I would put money on. I also think it will be hard for them to not include the most prominent members of the fellowship in at least half of these sets (ie. Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Frodo) plus a Gollum as they always do. We got Gandalf x2,Legolas, Aragorn x2 and Gimli x2, Frodo in the last wave. I'm not including Orthnac as it's more exclusive My best guess if there was 4 sets and varying price points going up would be 1) Wild Guess: Amon Hen Aragorn vs Lurtz, maybe a Boromir for good measure since he only showed up once (but I think the cheapest set has to be something cool with two antagonists, one of them a main character) $12.99 2) Balrog vs. Gandalf Gandalf, brick built Balrog (not as big as movie) $24.99 3) Pelennor Fields - FellBeast, Witchking, Eowyn, Merry $39.99 4) Siege of Osgiliath - Faramir, Frodo, Gollum, 2 Gondor soldier, 2 Orcs, maybe Sam (easier to do than minis Tirith and has more film context than just adding a Gondor battle pack akin to Urkai Army) $69.99 If they had more sets to give I'd love to see (but wouldn't count on seeing): Gimli and Legolas vs. Mumakil (big elephant) with riders Treebeard with Merry/Pippin vs Orcs I think some combination of these sets balances out the distribution of main characters while introducing new scenes from the movie If they ever did a Minis-Tirith it could possibly be a $150-$200 exclusive set. Pretty challenging to pull it off to say the least, I'd bet on a Denethor, Pippin, Gondor Soldiers being in it with orcs plus siege or a Nazgul (if it wasn't included elsewhere)
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    Future The Hobbit Sets?

    Moved to other thread
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    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    I think if your going to buy an extra set and extend it by an extra floor, you'll also have enough bricks to widen the building by 4 studs toward the back and have enough bricks to have 2 extra floors, it's certainly what I would do if I got two of these. Maybe tack on a half base plate boulangerie to round out the corner. Just imagining it now, it would be so breathtaking. This is set is must-have for me as I'm a big foodie
  8. Honestly, ppl just want something with lots of Lego stormtroopers. Typically you only get one or two with the exception of a few sets like 7264 and 7667. They just need to make a big battle pack/set with like a lot of storm troopers. Alternatively Lego could make a standard Lego bucket with a star wars theme and 3 minifigs akin to the blue/pink lego buckets that have been around for the past 10 years. My 5 year old step brother loves star wars, but the sets are out of his age range, so he would appreciate a star wars bucket.
  9. BrickBucket

    Review: 21102 Minecraft Micro World

    Can anyone comment on weather this is a good value for 1x1 tiles and plates? I'm thinking it is because 1x1 tiles usually fetch for 10 cents a piece and 250+ of them is like $28 on average. 1x1's are not very common in sets so I think this would be a good way of getting some at a reasonable price. I'm a minecraft fan, so will probably end up buying this anyway, but if I were to get these parts of bricklink, I'm almost sure I'd pay about the same if not more. For me these parts would be useful.
  10. BrickBucket

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    LOTR Lego is at all our Walmarts here in Canada (with the exception of helm's deep). There's a lot of stock, I hope there will be enough left over in six months when they go clearance as some of the sets are just way to expensive.
  11. BrickBucket

    The next space theme....

    I hope so, but I think your reading to much into it. I doubt it will be that aggressive or military a theme as you describe, and I'd bet it will have more of a deep space exploration element to it (because their due for something like that). I think it's easier to speculate what it won't be: Space Police 4, Mars, AC Aliens. It will definitely have some type of antagonist, (robot, insect, ect..). I would love to see the return of classic space/blacktron insignia in a new theme, but I wouldn't bet on it. We just have to wait and see. It's interesting to see correlations with CMF ideas as precursors to new themes/sets: CMF Monsters - Monster Fighters Series 1 Ninja, Samurai - Ninjago Gray Alien - AC Surgeon - City Hospital Hippie - VW van in city park garage and VW exclusive Lumberjack - Forest Police Elf Archer,Dwarf - LOTR White Spaceman, Pink Space girl, Black Evil space guy, Space marine - ????
  12. Congrats on this project, I'm sure it will get passed. Just use POTC bottles for the bar and let it be ambiguous I hope this set comes out as the saloon with 2 cowboy gunslingers, a bartender and maybe a western style damsel and at least one new horse! We can probably expect a simpler less technical build, I hope they keep the scale of it the same.
  13. BrickBucket

    WW Category 2: 1908 Wild West Town

    I would by one of your Lego kits just for the challenge of it. I entertain myself sometimes by attempting to build small/medium size sets without instructions. I think the main concern with a set is in keeping the cost/parts down for the size of the set. A lot of the snot techniques use up a lot of parts but don't take up a lot of space. Still I think your right about making a set that actually is a set Lego could produce for kids and has playability and fun in it as opposed to just being challenging to build or purely a rigid sculpture. What kind of sets do you have in mind, what would be the contents? Medieval house, tower, small castle or outpost?
  14. BrickBucket

    2011 Alien Conquest

    I though AC was a cool idea, the aliens are in my opinion the best Lego has ever designed and I really loved the tripod invader! But the problem I had with it was the Alien ships where nice, but had next to no interior. The aliens had no equivalent of the Earth Defence HQ. It was a very vehicle heavy theme. I was hoping for saucers like the ones in X-Com UFO defence with rooms and interesting bits inside them.
  15. BrickBucket

    WW Category 2: 1908 Wild West Town

    I will cringe if My little pony gets to 10,000 before this does, so many other cuusoo ideas have passed 10,000 in a short while because of fandom. This Wild West Town is a truly deserving Cuusoo project because it closest to what Lego would build themselves.