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  1. Pandora

    EB Members Title Archive

    It was meant in good humour, so I'm pleased you see it that way.
  2. Pandora

    HELP! ! !

    There are numerous threads about System parts. There's an index in the General LEGO Discussion forum, pinned to the top, and within that index there's an exhaustive list of topics regarding parts, sets, collections etc. The Technic thread covers a number of parts-related topics that are listed in the index (blue section, here), so it will really depend if you want advice to identify a part, or if you want to discuss cleaning or storage or stickers or weight of parts etc. Even the index itself makes interesting reading. Enjoy!
  3. Pandora

    EB Members Title Archive

    Oh crikey, there's been a flurry! Admittedly, I shoulder some blame. Anyhoo, I think I may have missed noting quite a few of my titles, which makes me very sad, as my last post (about my own title) was way back here. Broke Quarry's Heart - I did. It was made of LEGO, so it was fine and he made a complete recovery. Better, even. I can't remember when or the circumstances, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was Rick who gave me that title. Now with added swearing - a title I had for the briefest of times, less than 24 hours. Courtesy of Rufus. Previously semi-retired and now back with more action - quite clearly, I've been Fangied!
  4. And this is so awesome, as (due to running after children!) I haven't taken nearly so many pictures as I thought, so other people taking a ton of pictures is just wonderful! Thank you for those Fangy! Here's my hodge-podge of pictures on my flickr.
  5. If you're a fan of Modular Buildings, then this MOC has two buildings in one, with tons of detail in both. Bricked1980 brings us this Post Office and Fish & Chip shop hybrid to add to his ever-increasing line of Modulars. Head on over to the Town Forum for a better look at the buildings, their interiors, and the Post Office Van!
  6. Pandora

    2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think a very, very large part of the Friends line is used by City builders to expand their townscape, and many Friends builders are building their own version of Heartlake City, be it with Modulars or an alternate townscape, so I can see that these polybags would be a great way to boost detail in either. The appeal of the polybags to City builders is that the parts add the detail that is most easily found in Friends sets, without the purchasers having to deal with lime green or orange or magenta so much. They are not dissimilar to these sets released last year:
  7. Pandora

    2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hello everybody. I know some of the pictures of the 2018 second wave sets have been knocking around in dark corners of the internet for a while... For ease of reference I have added High-Res pictures of (pretty much) all the sets to the first post of this thread. The second wave sets were on sale in Billund when I was there the other day, and indeed are now also on sale in my local supermarket (UK). Reviews from all quarters will not be too far behind I'm sure, and I'm hoping to do a couple myself as I seem to have acquired a few sets. There really are some lovely sets in this wave, and the go-karting subtheme is a really interesting direction, I think.
  8. Pandora

    Hi there!

    It was great to have both you and Nate at the Event, and it's wonderful you decided to join up to EB. I hope you enjoy your time on the boards, have fun and welcome!
  9. Pandora

    Hi there!

    Welcome to Eurobricks abrahamandentity! I split your post from another introductory topic so you could both have space to be welcomed. I hope you enjoy your time around the boards, and if you like Technic then I'm sure you'll be reading all about the new 42083 Bugatti Chiron!
  10. Androtech, you may have noticed I've removed a picture from your post. I know there are pictures of this set out there, but we don't post leaks on Eurobricks. Feel free to repost once the embargo has lifted. To everyone: We have a good relationship with TLG, it is a cooperative relationship, and part of our cooperation with them is that we agree not to host leaks. So we love discussion and excitement, but no leaks please. We will post the press release in full, with all the drool-worthy pictures, on the front page, once the embargo is lifted very soon. If anyone has a problem with any of that, feel free to PM me or another member of staff.
  11. Thank you so much to Holodoc, Bonaparte and CopMike for organising yet another fantastic event! It was really wonderful to see so many old friends, and to meet so many great new people too - new eventees are always welcome. We expect to be in Windsor for the Event next year, and so hope to see many of you again and to also maybe welcome some more new faces. I must also say a big thank you to all of you for being so cool with the kids; they've had the most amazing time (as have we!), and some of you (Uncle Mike, Uncle Fangy and Auntie MrsFangy, Auntie Pep, Uncle Lasse) have left a lasting positive impression on them, so big love to you all and everyone else for being so awesome. I have yet to dig through my photos, but they'll be up on flickr sometime soon, and if I have anything good I'll post them here.
  12. I think Calanon said he was arriving early on Saturday, so he should be able to check in for you, but I don't want to speak for him. From our confirmation e-mail, in case you guys or anyone else needs it: So they'll keep the reservation but you might need to call them and let them know.
  13. Pandora

    Yellow Rose

    This is really nice, and it looks even better the more I look at it. The colour differences are really subtle and extremely effective, and also help offset the symmetry of the rosebud. The detail of the thorns is nicely done, too. I hope the apology was accepted.
  14. Pandora

    EB Members Title Archive

    Yes, this is for your stellar LEGO CMF Reviews, and for so, so, sooooo much more that you do/have done. Took you long enough to notice.
  15. Pandora

    Test thread

    Just to answer your question more fully, although I see you've resolved your own issues, we do indeed have a test forum for exactly the reasons you've describe. It's in a special forum for new members, and it's no longer visible once you pass the 10 posts threshold to become a Vassal. You won't be aware of it as it was introduced long after you joined Eurobricks, but as it's been around for a while we'd hope that nearly all of our members won't need a test forum on the main boards. With that in mind, and to remove the temptation for some to post for the sake of posting, I'm going to lock this.