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  1. brickyrob

    Seaside Town

    Hello mookage! Great start to your seaside town! I love all the raised levels, steps and fishing pier - the sea looks good also! keep us updated on your progress!
  2. brickyrob


    Sounds like it could be the start of something big .... Welcome to EB anti-hero !!
  3. brickyrob

    Hello from Silicon Valley

    Welcome Judah, Good to have you here!
  4. Shipping out the Fleshy parts today. Right, who's gonna dig deep into their collections today and offer something unwanted up?!
  5. brickyrob

    MOC: Artist's Apartment

    That is a great job Walt! Where are those stickers from which you have used for the paintings? They look great in the frames.
  6. brickyrob


    Obviously I'm no movie buff! Pulp Fiction?
  7. brickyrob


    Jackie Brown?
  8. brickyrob

    What did you buy today?

    I asked my Dad for the Lego Fire station for christmas 1986, but he got me the Hospital instead because he was a paramedic! Well today,,, 25 years later I bought it! Not the 80's one, but the latest one. Nice set with some great parts and great decals (especially the TV)
  9. brickyrob

    Newbie from Scotland

    Welcome keybobs! Great to have you here! p.s - Your avatar made me smile
  10. brickyrob

    Hello Brickers, It's Great to be Aboard!

    It's great to have you here yodaman24! You sound like your going to be right at home here!
  11. Enpaz: To clarify, I stated "anybody else who's interested, feel free to post after Greg The fact that you decided to ignore this and state what you wanted, was always going to cause complications / bad feelings.
  12. brickyrob

    MOC: Motorsport Paddock

    Fantastic cars ukaskew! I Love all the colour variants - this race arena is gonna be immense! Keep up the great work!
  13. brickyrob

    MOC : Tiananmen Gate, Beijing

    Most Impressive! So many high quality details!
  14. brickyrob


  15. brickyrob

    Newbie from Down Under (WTT Minifigs!)

    Welcome Graymice! Hope you get the mini-figs your after.