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  1. Corioso

    June 26

    Same-sex marriage was legalized throughout the United States on June 26, 2015. I built a MOC about this event. June 26 by Corioso, on Flickr
  2. Corioso

    Jungle Adventure

    [pid][/pid]220C Photos at Flickr. I created this for the contest in June on the Russian-LEGO-forum. And got the first place. You can look other works here: Thanks!
  3. Corioso

    GALLUS - Ship-of-the-Line

    [pid][/pid] 133C Hello, everyone! I’d like to present my ship of the line “Gallus”. photo at Flickr: While building her I used mostly the sketches of the first Russian ship of the line “Goto Predestinatsia”. However I changed it in some respects. The first reason is that I wanted to build something personal, but within historical principles. On the other hand I managed to take good photos (with the help of EB-user VerSen), but didn’t leave myself enough time to complete the building. That’s why half of the masting was built right at the exhibition from the parts at hand. You see this hyper-big-blind-topmast. There are 64 cannons on board – 30 at every side and two in the front and two at the stern. I didn’t want to use standard frames with shutters which are often used in ship-projects, so I decided to use such parts instead. Besides this decision helped to create an illusion of a two-deck-stern. But they left nasty chinks. So I used these parts: Of course it led to difficulties for the interior, but as I built her first of all for an exhibition, I could do without it. The building of the balcony was a tiresome business. It took me nearly one hour to come to this variant. I think it isn’t bad, is it? C3PO plays the part of the latrine figure here! The total time spent from the draft till the performance – about 6 months. I’m not sure that the building is complited. There must be at least sails and perfection of some small deficits. An ambitious project were the interior and the masting made of strings. Thanks for waching! Photos at Flickr.
  4. Corioso

    WIP - line ship

    Sorry, that I haven’t answered for such a long time. Thanks! I think it would be good. I shall do it in future. But I have no skill yet.
  5. Corioso

    WIP - line ship

    I have a little update here: The front: The stern:
  6. Corioso

    Church of the Holy Spirit

    [pid][/pid]210D This church is part of my project of a Caribbean town. There will be about ten more houses near it. My model was a church of the same name in Havana. As all my houses will be oriented with their facades toward the spectators, there was no point in building it thoroughly. That is why there is nothing inside either. Thanks for watching!! Look all photos at Flickr!
  7. Corioso

    MOC - AAT

    Hi all! I'd like to present you my first MOC in Star Wars theme - Armored Assault Tank. The Armored Assault Tank was a medium-sized repulsor tank used mainly by the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire. Look all photos at Flickr!
  8. Corioso

    WIP - line ship

    Thanks all who answers! I have a very big update.
  9. Corioso

    Ketch "North Carolina"

    Thanks! :)
  10. Corioso

    WIP - line ship

    Thank you! Unfortunately I disassembled her. It is very hard to build a real model in LEGO. I have the restriction in the quantity of pieces, the LEGO ship-base is very narrow. And in any case the ship will be very small for a minifig. I don't want to build a model. I just want to build a line ship. I didn't manage it last time.
  11. Corioso

    Ketch "North Carolina"

    Thanks for your attention! The WIP-theme is here. Thanks!
  12. Corioso

    WIP - line ship

    Hi all! I created the first version of my line ship, but I thought she looks like a sausage. And I am rebuilding her now. Some photos of my Next version: While building I relied on the construction of the ship Goto Predestinatsia: I hope you'll help me in my attempt.
  13. Corioso

    MOC: Maciej Drwięga Train Station

    Wow! So many tiles! Everything is very smooth. Amazing work! I need more photos!!
  14. Corioso

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 6 poll

    A flesh legionary. Not bad?
  15. Corioso

    Ketch "North Carolina"

    Thank you! It wasn't my idea, I just didn't have an appropriate uniform. Thanks, somehow people seem to prefer frigates and galleons... Thank you! I agree, I will use smaller cannons. My next projekt is a line ship like this: I can create the WIP theme, if it is interesting for somebody... Thank you for your appreciation! Thanks! Yes, it must be mobile. Nothing bad is going to happen. Thank you! The mizzen mast looks very short to my mind. I wish you good luck with your own mortars. Be careful