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  1. Please forgive the shameless self-promotion.

    You may remember the novel-like prose of my entries. Playing AG gave me a chance to write and to learn. My characters (some of them) were ported in from a story I was working on before I joined AG. Unsurprisingly, it was also inspired by 90's multi-faction lego space and so there was a degree of overlap that made it easy to do that. As I played AG, however, my characters and story both evolved - my main character was a brunette until she became a minifigure for AG - now I can't imagine her without that distinctive red hair.

    After AG, some of my new characters and ideas ported back into my story too and finally (I know, it's taken a while), my first full novel is finished.


    Some of my AG chapters adapted straight into the early portion of the book; I first used the phrase 'Boxrunner' in my AG work.

    The book is at 'second draft' stage. It isn't published and I am seeking some beta readers who are willing to sit down and give it a proper read and then offer some feedback. I think it would be right to open that to the AG community who gave me such encouragement when the game was running.


    It's available in ePub format if you have Apple Books or some other suitable reader. If you would like to read it (and really will give it a good go), please message me and we will make arrangements.


    So a thank you to everyone who played this game. I learnt so much (and had fun) and my characters than I love and have invested so much time in would not be who they are without having been to Andromeda first.


    And as you would expect, a lot of the spaceships in the book have designed with Lego. : )




    And yes... Yseult still has an attitude problem, ; )

  2. Here is my Razor Crest. Built to the same scale as all my other ships so it's nice to be able to put them side by side.


    The landing gear retracts but isn't clean. Both side ramps and the rear ramp lower with a hollow cargo deck. She's also quite sturdy as I went for a flat plate solution to the upper section.



    I don't usually model ships, I design my own and now I know why because this thing was so awkward. Everything I did to get one bit looking better ruined something else nearby and I ended up going round in circles.

    I'm probably happiest with the engines and least happy with not getting a smooth slope down either side in front of the pylons.



  3. One of the coolest-looking handheld LCD games from my childhood, the Tomytronic 3-D. Mine was Sky Attack, the dark red one. A Tron-like tank game shooting recognisers overhead.




    The buttons would probably have been better as side-on plates but I was building for a challenge so time was pressing. Really pleased with how I got the overall shape though and the viewfinder eyeholes.

  4. On 5/29/2020 at 10:44 PM, ZCerberus said:

    I will take the first part as a complement.  Practical?  No.  Fun?  YES!

    You read it correctly. :laugh: I find these kind of builds all the more impressive for that very reason.

  5. On 5/25/2020 at 5:21 PM, Umbra-Manis said:

    Perfect mix of smooth surfaces and greebly goodness! Plus a color scheme that reminds me of the Kawas, nicely done!

    Wouldn't have been out of place in AG... Though I would have had to follow it up with a MANTIS version twice the size! ; )

    6 hours ago, Celloguy said:

    real nice. Dark red plus dark bluish gray is a lovely combo. I particularly like the feet!

    Thanks. Those feet are horribly delicate though and fell off so many times. :sceptic:

  6. On 4/28/2020 at 6:28 PM, pombe said:

    Nice!  I'm guessing you will have hangars, too.

    But that will require your spacecraft to have landing gears with wheels, so that they can taxi themselves, correct?

    Hangars maybe. I try to build in retractable landing gear to my micro-ships now.




    No wheels... They'll just have to hover.

  7. 4 hours ago, pombe said:

    I love your Blacktron one and have been wanting to copy it for an eventual Classic Space base (or maybe a Blacktron one :innocent:).  I love how it has pipes and details to make it look like it's functional and can supply whatever has landed.  It always bothers me how small most LEGO landing pads are, which barely accommodate the vehicle, but this one is large enough to be realistic for most LEGO spaceships.

    Thanks. That's why with this one, the plan is for the ship to taxi from the pad to a landing zone where the facilities would be. More like a real airport, I suppose.

    1 hour ago, fletcher4sp said:

    I'm guessing that this is one of many?

    The idea is for 34x34 sections that can be put together to form a spaceport. Other sections (if I get to them) will be taxiways, landing zones and maybe eventually a terminal with a tower. But there will be a least one more pad.

  8. Built at roughly 1/150 or 'Trophy figure scale', the 34x34 section contains an octagonal landing/approach pad. There are two taxiway exits, against which you can place additional sections to expand the build.



    The techniques used to create the octagon are the same as those used in my Blacktron Landing pad, as are the methods for the edging and corner shrouds to hide the gap. I was uncertain what colours to do the ground with. I was going to do green but thought that would mean 'Earth' and didn't fancy Lunar grey so went with a mottled sand. Maybe Titan. The centre section can accommodate other numbers, I've tested 1-4.

  9. I think it's a fair point that with all the coding involved, there's a lot of stuff for AG that kind of lies on Bob's shoulders. I don't know if anyone else has the knowledge to continue that work without him.

    But it's also a fair point to say that if AG is now shelved indefinitely, the best thing to do is just say it. I don't think any-one doubts Bob's desire to do AG2 but life gets in all of our ways... frequently in my experience and if point number one is true... Then AG has had its day.

    At least then anyone who keeps building and telling stories knows the basis upon which they do.


  10. On 7/16/2018 at 5:10 PM, pombe said:

    Ellie saves the day!

    It's interesting how Yseult's version of the afterlife has a mech in it.

    The white thing is described as a creature, not a machine, though I can see that visually, with Lego, it can be hard to tell the difference.... and I did describe the Rectifier as a creature, although it's actually a machine... SO I guess I'm not helping :grin: If you look at the background, there's an inference as to what it is... sort of.

    It was going to be Riddaeon in the Exo-Suit originally but I switched it last minute as I thought being Ellie would allow me to use it to continue the forging of her and Yseult's friendship.

    On 7/16/2018 at 10:48 PM, mccoyed said:

    Wow. So this is what you've been cooking up. Very impressive work on all counts.

    Yes, I knew that this was how Yseult was getting out of the scrape before I started building the corridor from the previous chapter.

  11. Managed to get a couple of shows the separate it from the background better.



    I'll be doing some technical shots on white soon though, just to show the detail as the impression I'm getting is that a lot of people want to see the detail in very boring, un-atmospheric clarity... But I won't apologise for doing atmospheric badass first. No-one walked out of ALIEN in 1979 and said they didn't like it cos they couldn't see the creature clearly... did they?