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    [MOC] 400CX Skyblade: Blacktron 2 edition.

    Not drastically different angles but here you go.
  2. LucByard

    [MOC] MOColate dessert.

    Did some 'baking' with my daughter. Inspired by the artistry of Kosbrick's Foodcember builds, I made this.
  3. LucByard

    [MOC] Light Armored Squid Attack Fighter

    Wonderful organic shaping and studless finish. It's beautiful.
  4. LucByard

    Blacktron landing pad

    I'll be displaying it at Bricktastic in Manchester in July. I still need to decide where to take it after that.
  5. LucByard

    Blacktron landing pad

    Thanks for watching. The design incorporates a shock absorber but each one uses 4 springs and I don't have enough at the moment so the design currently uses a solid mock that can be swapped out when I get them. My ship is currently in a showcase booth, I'm hoping to get it back next week.
  6. ... and joined Eurobricks. Hello everyone, I'm Luc. I'm a MOCer with a presence on Flickr and Facebook, I have a mixed repertoire but my true love is space as I feel it's where I can get the most creative and have the most fun designing with the bricks. Some of my most notable creations include: My White Rose My Blacktron mech My Darth Vader Mosaic and my Star Wars brick figurines I look forward to getting to know you all. Luc.