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  1. tomhagen077

    [MOC] A visit to the tailor

    Very very nice :)
  2. tomhagen077

    My Lego Town Layout Neu-Brickstadt

    Very nice. I like all the trees, very realistic.
  3. tomhagen077

    Minifigure Habitat

    I like the carpenter and the judge mini scene :)
  4. tomhagen077

    [MOC] Jewelled Egg

    Wonderfull. The red egg is amazing ;)
  5. tomhagen077

    Hi from Spain

    Hello Lego Fans. One more in this world. I start collect minifigures with my son since 2014 and now start with modulars. We have "The Parisian Restaurant","Detective Office" and "Brick Bank", this moth go to "The Palace Cinema" I love your Mocs, very impresive. Regards and excuse my english.