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  1. I came pretty close I think! :)
  2. Here's my MOD of 21108 to make it look like the new Ecto-1 in the upcoming Ghostbusters remake. Crew by Christer Nyberg, on Flickr Note that the faces on the last image are photoshops, but will be replaced when I get appropriate minifigure heads. Also note that one of the stickers is not an official TLG sticker, and some other stickers have been cut. More images on flickr
  3. Haven't been to EB for a long while, cheers for the comments guys! Andy - If by stackable I assume you mean if the floors separate like the regular modulars? If so, yes they do. I don't have any pictures of the separate sections and this is packed up right now. Might be able to snap some in the future. On a separate note, my mom has made a quilt of this, I think it turned out really well: Quilt by Myko-, on Flickr
  4. Myko

    MOC: USS Reliant NCC-1864

    If you are in Gothenburg you'll be able to see this build live at the Swebrick exhibition at Gothia Towers on Saturday October 26th. The exhibition opens at 1 pm and is free. More information in Swedish:
  5. No, I find interiors very hard and kind of boring to build, so I decided to focus my efforts on the barbershop. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and for all the kind words. I'm really happy to have won! :) Edit: Woah thanks for the nice blog Cecilie!
  6. Myko

    Modular Madness - Winners!

    Wow, this is amazing! I'm really happy, thanks to everyone who liked my MOC and voted for me, you guys rock! Thanks to the creators of the contest, it was a really nice one with fantastic entries!
  7. Myko

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I'm currently thinking of transitioning into a system where I sort my regular pieces by type (bricks, plates, wedges, windows, wheels etc.) and sort more speciality parts by color. My reasoning is that sorting by type gets in the way of creativity somewhat. It's excellent if you want to find a particular piece, but if you decide "I want to put a bunch of dark bley greebles in this area", it's hard to do that.
  8. 1. castor-troy - 1 2. cimddwc - 1 21. domino39 - 1 33. CarsonBrick - 1 39. L@go - 1
  9. 2. L-space - 1 6. lego_legis_legere - 1 10. LegoJalex - 2 11. m0bby - 1
  10. 1. George G - 3 10. CarsonBrick - 1 12. moctown - 1
  11. Thank you so much for the feedback and commentary everyone! Very glad you liked it! :D
  12. B-OM-28B Hello everyone! Here's my Category 3 entry for the Modular Madness contest. I wanted to do a building which wasn't a straight up box shape, so I decided to build an apartment complex with different levels. There are some cool looking buildings where I live that inspired me to add a lot of flowers and vegetation to the balconies. I figured if you put this building next to one of the other modulars it would look sort of odd with a large amount of wall showing on the adjacent building, so I added some large wooden fences with more plants on them. The bottom floor needed some sort of commercial venue and I figured barbershops aren't that common. Hope you enjoy! Terrace Apartment 4 by Myko-, on Flickr Terrace Apartment Sunbathing by Myko-, on Flickr Terrace Apartment Back by Myko-, on Flickr Terrace Apartment Interior 2 by Myko-, on Flickr Terrace Apartment Shaving Mirror by Myko-, on Flickr
  13. Myko

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

    Hey that's really cool, nice job man! Glad to see someone made the old E work in LEGO form, she sure wasn't designed with gravity in mind. :D Now we can recreate the battle in the Mutara Nebula!
  14. Myko

    Modular Madness

    I've not entered a Eurobricks contest before, looking forward to participating, I already have an idea. I assume corner buildings are OK?
  15. Myko

    MOC Vignette: The Last Breath

    You might be right, and that would've been a nice touch. Unfortunately I don't have the flag pieces in dark green, might be something for a future bricklink order. Also I wanted to convey a fairly low budget hospital where color coordination is not a top priority.