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  1. Nice set but 2012 is much better.
  2. The way things are going new releases will be very hard to come by. Lego is having some serious issues with their product and getting it out on time.
  3. KevinYoung


    Lego needs to do this in UCS .
  4. KevinYoung

    Lego AT AT 1299.00 price tag ??

    I see the problem now for some reason the website is UK version. Problem is I try and change it and it keeps on going back to the UK version. This is a first. I shut the computer down and now it's working fine. Thanks Dubbs.
  5. Looking at the Republic Gunship and Mos Eisley cantina on American Lego Website and they are now selling for a much larger amount too. Any know what's up??
  6. KevinYoung

    Lego AT AT 1299.00 price tag ??

    Just was on the American Lego website and the new AT AT is selling for 1299.00. A mistake or has this product increased in price ?
  7. Overall a very nice set just needs more snot to it.
  8. KevinYoung

    Saw Gerrera Minifig

    Be nice to see lego do one someday.
  9. KevinYoung

    [MOC] Scarif | "Make 10 Men Feel Like 100"

    Awesome work. Nice to see Rogue 1 builds. Really digging the palm trees and vegetation around them.