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  1. KevinYoung

    The Defender of the Empire

    Not a fan of this ship but my oh my your work makes it beautiful.Gorgeous build.
  2. KevinYoung

    Clone Wars is back

    LMAO. Yes I do.
  3. KevinYoung

    Clone Wars is back

    One can only hope so. It would be very nice if we received a 501st set. Dont understand why they haven't yet it would sell.
  4. KevinYoung

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    ^^^Yep 501st BP makes no sense. I just dont get it
  5. That UCS gotta be a star destroyer.
  6. KevinYoung

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    That sand crawler just cracks me up.The size of that thing is crazy.
  7. Dont believe it will sell out quickly either.I think it will be available for some time.
  8. More into the display sets and ships but i welcome this, Sets like Ewok village was a master piece.
  9. KevinYoung

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Would love to get Anios but the price range gotta be over 2000 grand for it I would think. I'm not paying that kind of coin for lego.
  10. KevinYoung

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'd take one(arc 170) prefer a UCS Venator or SD though.
  11. Its ok nothing great or anything that really jumps out. Was hoping they go in a different direction but they didn't.
  12. KevinYoung

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    ^^^^ I concur its a good comic.
  13. KevinYoung

    [MOC] Mini V-Wing / Phantom / Z-95!

  14. KevinYoung

    Clone Wars is back

    Satine for sure !! Nighsisters would be welcomed but a 501st BP is must. Not sure why they have never produced one it would fly off the shelves.Also the prototype self propelled heavy artillery would be nice to see that get produced..And last a UCS Venator has to be done.