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  1. Got my cantina online at
  2. Whats going on with the 75192 Falcon availability??

    Do you have a local lego store near you.Be persistent and keep calling them up to see if they can hold one for you.Thats what i did and eventually they had them in stock and gave me 24 hours to buy it.
  3. Future Star Wars Minifigs

    How bout a commander Gregor
  4. [MOC] Gasgano Podracer

    Very cool.
  5. [MOD] Republic TX-130 Saber Tank

    Tank has beef !! Well done.
  6. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Thank you bud wonderful stuff.
  7. I thought it was more then 1000 . The parts are scare I take it????
  8. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    The fleet is awesome how bout some shots of the cantina.That looks like a gem!!
  9. [MOC][WIP][LDD] Minifig Scale Rebels Ghost Build

    I'd like to see that Tantative IV you have at the office get worked on.That thing was a monster of a build!!
  10. Patience and it will come. Called my store up before they opened sure enough they had some in stock. On Dec 1ST I became an owner of a UCS MF. Sweet!! Now bring on the UCS SD
  11. They certainly did!!! Still waiting but its ok eventually it will come..
  12. Thoughts on The Last Jedi Sets

    BB8 and Ren ship is cool otherwise the line is very weak.
  13. Its the American way make the big bucks but i would tend to agree go choke on it more to come shortly I can wait!!! Theirs a sucker born every minute!!
  14. Went to my local store here in Houston about and hour and 10 minutes before opening .Sad to sad I got skunked but oh well there is always next week.