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  1. KevinYoung

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    ^^^^ I concur its a good comic.
  2. KevinYoung

    [MOC] Mini V-Wing / Phantom / Z-95!

  3. KevinYoung

    Clone Wars is back

    Satine for sure !! Nighsisters would be welcomed but a 501st BP is must. Not sure why they have never produced one it would fly off the shelves.Also the prototype self propelled heavy artillery would be nice to see that get produced..And last a UCS Venator has to be done.
  4. The moc is very nice sadly I can honestly say TLJ put a very bad taste in my mouth. Your work is great though.
  5. KevinYoung

    Clone Wars is back

    Not lego but if anybody is interested clones wars[show] is back. Perhaps now we will see some new battlepacks etc etc coming out.
  6. KevinYoung

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Please Lego UCS SD and Venator.
  7. KevinYoung

    Star Wars designers interview May 2018

    Felt it too .. Crossing my fingers we need one badly.
  8. KevinYoung

    Thoughts on The Last Jedi Sets

    Horrible just like the movie!!
  9. KevinYoung

    [MOC] Another AT-ST version 2

    Wow .Awesome job.
  10. KevinYoung

    Konajra's Mocs

    That's a beauty.
  11. KevinYoung

    [MOC] Mos Espa Arena

    Beautiful!! Well done.
  12. Got my cantina online at
  13. KevinYoung

    Whats going on with the 75192 Falcon availability??

    Do you have a local lego store near you.Be persistent and keep calling them up to see if they can hold one for you.Thats what i did and eventually they had them in stock and gave me 24 hours to buy it.
  14. KevinYoung

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    How bout a commander Gregor