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  1. Captain Fortune

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Ok guys, this idea MUST BE AN OFFICIAL SET. Period. Vote for it!
  2. I must insist on this: this set is totally and absolutely AWESOME.
  3. Captain Fortune


    So, this set can be a massive shipwreck hideout and, AT THE SAME TIME, a new Black Seas Barracuda with TWO DECKS. Wait... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is too much for me. This is absolutely AWESOME AND OUTSTANDING! And yes, it is different from the original idea. I must say, with all due respect and gratitude to the original creator, that this set is much better to me for many reasons; but if I had to say only one, I would choose the VERY CLEVER idea to join two sets in one, being the new BSB one of the best ships in Lego history. Only for this reason, the playability and creativity of the original idea has been x10000 multiplied.
  4. Captain Fortune

    Castle - Fantasy Era (2007-2009)

    Again, the first impression that it causes is a bit bizarre if we compare it with the more classic styled 2010 and 2013 castles. But it is REALLY awesome. You hit the nail in the head. The 2010 wave was a very classic and serious wave. Very complete and realistc, I have to say that I love it too. But, let's admit it: it's not as daring, exotic and wild as Fantasy Era was. The 2013 wave is interesting too, mostly the King's Knights, but I don't like the bad guys.
  5. Captain Fortune

    Pirates 30 Year Mention in Magazine

    I ordered the magazine last week. We'll see!
  6. Captain Fortune

    Castle - Fantasy Era (2007-2009)

    My god, you did an awesome job there! In addition, that's the kind of MOC that I like: very similar to the TLG design. The different buildings could be official sets. Love it! Could'nt explain it better. Just bought a couple of sets on BrickLink...
  7. I could'nt agree more with this thread. I've never been an Space fan, but I know very well the 90s sets and, hell, the supporters of the classic themes we are all on the sime side. I just checked some of the factions that you mentioned in the list. Some of them were so familiar to me, others not. Anyway, I realized how original and daring were some of them. A very beautiful and desirable theme indeed. On the other hand, I just don't understand a few comments that I've read on this thread. Absurd statements pretending to not understand what the author means with "In-house Space", by giving examples of what Space is NOT, or even denying the importance of the theme. About the future: it does'nt seem likely that an In-house Space wave will come in the short term. In the past, Space used to be the only sci-fi theme. Now, sci-fi is everywhere, in all themes. And, there is no need to say that again, but Star Wars is endlessly making movies, series and videogames.
  8. Captain Fortune

    Official Pirate Names (1989-1990 line)

    I've seen that some of you ask about Ironhook and Roger. They are indeed different characters. Look at this thread:
  9. Captain Fortune

    Castle - Fantasy Era (2007-2009)

    Old sets and themes have an extraordinary power: they never stop surprising me. I recently "rediscovered" Castle Fantasy Era. I remember it back on 2007, I was 19 at the time, in my dark ages. It did not interested me at all: I have never liked the fantasy stuff, monsters, etc: I always prefered the realistic and historical Classic Castle. Dragon Masters was my limit of fantasy stuff, and the Fright Knights... too much for me. My lack of interest on them just changed a few days ago. I was checking with a friend of mine some Castle sets, and suddently I found myself looking at the Fantasy Era with different eyes. The more sets I saw, the more I liked them. I never thought that I would say that, because I have always found this theme bizarre and unrealistic, but here is my final conclusion: what an AWESOME Castle Wave. It's like a mixture of the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and the Warcraft movie Aesthetically speaking, the theme is amazing. I mean, above other Castle waves. The Human faction (Crown Knights) look so powerful and agressive. The skeletons are very original, frightening and funny at the same time. Love them. Trolls and Dwarfs, 100% accurated: couldn't be more stereotypical. Moreover, the theme is so complete. It is full of sets, battlepacks, boats, buildings and towers, siege machines, and all kind of weapons and tools. It is very playable with thousands of possibilites, probably more than any other Castle wave since 1992. Have a look if you don't believe me: I think that Lego was so daring with this theme. Thay wanted to be original and, in my opinion, they succed. So, what's your opinion?
  10. Captain Fortune

    Future Castle Sets?

    A future continued Castle wave seems very unlikely for the reason that you already know: Nexo Knights have taken its place. Nevertheless, a discontinued wave of sets, like Lego did with Pirates in 2009 and 2015, it doesn't seem so unlikely to me.
  11. Captain Fortune

    Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    Wow, there is much said in this post. Several thoughts that come to my mind on the subject: - We the AFOLs are nothing but a little part of the LEGO market. - Today Kids’ tastes differ a lot of ours: we belong to different generations, or even historical/social periods! - Our classic-styled themes (Pirates, Classic Castle, Space, Wild West…) won’t come back in the short term nor the middle term. - LEGO is also an expression of the mainstream hobbies and topics of today: it goes along with the current movies, cartoons, videogames, and sci-fi stuff that is so successful right now. So, being honest I don’t like Ninjago, the licenses, Nexo Knights, etc. I’m not interested in 80% of Lego products (except City and something more) but I can understand perfectly the reasons because I don’t like them. I keep on my classic stuff and that’s all. Probably a short Pirates/Castle/West wave will come in the following years, like they did in 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015… That will be amazing news, I will be so happy and buy some sets, but we can’t expect more than that. And look, this is not a pessimistic post. It’s just common sense and adaptation to reality.
  12. Captain Fortune

    LEGO Pirates Display

    Amazing!! Where did you get that poster of Brickbeard?
  13. Captain Fortune

    Captain Redbeard is the winner!

    Of course it is!
  14. Captain Fortune

    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    Basically, Lego took the 1770-1800 uniforms, and the shakos from 1800-1830. As a result, we have: - Accurated officers according to late 18th century. - Relatively accurated governors from late 18th and early 19th centuries. - Not very accurated soldiers: regardind the redcoats, the open coat (with a visible white vest) and the shako, didn't meet at the same time. When they wore open coats, they wore tricorns or bicorns (see the Patriot). When they wore shakos, they used closed and short coats (see napoleonic stuff). Regarding the bluecoats, the french did wear open coats and shakos from 1803 (I think) so, that would be accurated. After all, what Lego wanted is to have cool and recognizable soldiers and, damn it, they suceeded!
  15. Hello my friends, Do you remember this thread about Captain Ironhood? We enjoyed some wonderful contributions about that ruthless and lovely character from Lego Pirates. Now, I come to you with a theory about Captain Roger/Redbeard/Fortune's origin. I must say that I could not verify it in other sources, nevertheless, it looks very plausible. Hopefully, we will have amazing contributions again, that will give us more information. Perhaps some of you have heard about the comics Redbeard (French: Barbe-Rouge), which is a series of Belgian comic books, originally published in French, created by writer Jean Michel Charlier and artist Victor Hubinon in 1959: If you look at him, the similarities are evident: the name, the red beard, the eye-patch, the two belts, the hat, the sabre and the structure of the coat. There are some differencies too: our Lego Captain is more elegant, he wears a black coat, and he is... clearly more crippled: Still, if we look at a rare and very interesting design of Lego Captain Redbeard, from an alternative cover of the 1996 catalog, we see this: Interesting, isn't it? Obviously, I can't prove that Lego got inspired by this comics character, but it looks reasonable. And probably, Roger/Redbeard/Fortune comes from different sources and historial and fictional captains. But, in this case, the similarities are really remarkable. I'm waiting for your opinions!