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  1. Captain Fortune

    Add some light to Pirate sets!

    I don't want the new generations to miss these amazing pics.
  2. Captain Fortune

    Lego Mini Catalog 1996 / 1997 - A Nostalgia Trip

    1997 was a bad year for Lego, but in Europe was considerably worse. In America you got new sets and themes that made that year not bad at all: - Roboforce - Black Forestmen (from 1996) - New pirate sets, not very good but necessary (figs, parts, etc) - Outback To me, these adds made your year much better than ours, wich was a empty and a letdown.
  3. Captain Fortune

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Just added a background to a promotional picture:
  4. Captain Fortune

    REVIEW: #40158 Pirates Chess Set

    A very good review for a really nasty set. Ladies and gentlemen, the definitive show of laziness has come to town: No printed hats, no shakos, no epaulettes, mixed and reused torsos, repeated faces, no governor... The only intereting things of this set are the palmtree, the light and some accessories. Lego just didn't gave a s**t with this set, that's all.
  5. Captain Fortune

    Whats the deal with the 2015 pirates line?

    And we appreciate it. At least, those who can disdain -love this word!- our innocent childhood conception of Lego, from the real business corporation that it is -which is not a criticism but, again, a fact-.
  6. Captain Fortune

    [Investigation] Who is the Captain Ironhook?

    I think that you misinterpreted the text. They speak about Captain Redbeard, but they don't say that is that minifig that represents Ironhook. They also speak about Broadside, who's not in the box either. The whole text seems to be a general description of the theme, not the box.
  7. Captain Fortune

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Thanks. I see that there is a mistake in my question: Where IS the new movie supposed to be in theaters?
  8. Captain Fortune

    VIDEO Review: 6261 Raft Raiders

    Awesome review for an awesome set.
  9. Captain Fortune

    Topsail Schooner "Lady Kathryn"

    It looks awesome. Great work you did there!
  10. Captain Fortune

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    When the new movie is supposed to be in theaters?
  11. Captain Fortune

    VIDEO Review 6242 Soldiers Fort

    As always, excellent review. I've got this set and I like it very much. Once you complete it with other sets like Soldier's Arsenal or the Cannon Battle, you've got a very cool Imperial stronghold.
  12. Captain Fortune

    Whats the deal with the 2015 pirates line?

    Mither Phes has explained the Business Plan several times. However, this matter is difficult to understand. As you said, the sets seemed to sell well. Here in Barcelona, in summer it was difficult to find Pirates sets. Then, I travelled to London in august, hoping that I would find plenty of sets there. On the contrary, I found the same thing: vey few sets. I even had a look in Harrod's: no Pirates at all. It seems that this 2015 wave was like a "flash mob": They launch the sets, they are sold, and it' over.
  13. Captain Fortune

    [Investigation] Who is the Captain Ironhook?

    Man, this is more than helpful, this is AMAZING! Thank you so much! :cry_happy: :cry_happy: It's funny because some things are similar to what I imagined when I was a child. To me, Roger was never a bad man. He was tough as you said, but a relatively noble man. Regarding to what you said about Brickipedia... I think that you definetely should! You can be the author of the Bible of Classic Pirates! You made an amazing job with your list of named pirates, like TalonCard also did. Classic Pirates is also contributing to this, but I think that all this information should be explained and organized somewhere. Of course it is only a general suggestion, but there is a lot of very interesting stories that could be easily lost, and that would be a real shame.
  14. Captain Fortune

    [Investigation] Who is the Captain Ironhook?

    Wowowowowwww stop man, stop! That's too much for me hahaha! Official dramas of Lego Pirates! Holly s**t, lucky germans! Fascinating!!! Well, it seems that I missed lots of information in my life haha! Can I ask you some questions? - How would yo describe Captain Roger, based on those stories? Is he cool and not a nasty guy, like you described on your list of named pirates? - What is the relationship between de Islanders and the soldiers? In the 1995 catalog we see a combined attack from the Imperial Guards and the Islanders against the Pirates in the Skull Island so, are they friends? - What is the relationship between the Islanders and Roger, and Ironhook? - What about Kahuka? Do they say something in the drama, about his son and the islander girl, who is supposed to be his daughter? - Some interesting information about the Governor of the Imperial Guards? Is he a fair man? And the soldiers, are they good or bad? Thank you so much for your info!
  15. Who is this man? When is was a child I always considered it the second in command after Captain Redbeard. The reason is that in spanish catalogs he was never named nor given the condition of "captain". It seems I was wrong, because I found a little of information about him: "The Renegade Runner is crewed by Captain Ironhook's band of renegade pirates, a splinter faction Captain Ironhook absconded with the vessel and its crew after failing to overthrow his brother Captain Red Beard in a coup d'etat." The brother of the Captain Redbeard? Hahaha that would have been a BANG! if I knew this in my childhood. It seems reasonable, given their similar appearance. The Brickipedia also suggests that he could be a renegade, but says nothing about the family links with RedBeard. Anyway, the word Renegade is interesting: it seems that the name of that little ship -The Renegade Runner- was given for that reason. Again, in spanish that ship was called "Estrella del Mar" -Sea Star-. "Captain Ironhook is the second main Pirates captain in theLEGO Pirates theme. His red, black, and white clothes are more ripped up then the other two, and not as neat. He and his pirates were the first to encounter the Islanders. He can also represent pirate renegades faction." So, here are my questions: What intentions do you think Lego had with this fella? Are Redbeard and Ironhook enemies? I don't think so, since we've never seen any confrontation between them... Who are the members of his crew? Are they distinguishable? Any more ideas or information about the matter?