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  1. omerai

    [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    This is amazing! I rarely post here, but i had to sign in to ad my admiration. The whole look of this creation is just beautiful! The most standout part for me is the facade and the terrace of the dining hall. Great work!
  2. omerai

    MOC: Piazza Maria

    So much colours, and lovely details. An overall bautiful & amazing MOC!
  3. omerai

    Elevated Rail Station for my town MOC (WIP)

    This looks good so far, and i think it will look amazing when finished.
  4. omerai

    [MOC] Modern firestation

    Just want to ad my admiration for this firestation. I really like the look of it. And that big firetruck look awesome aswell.
  5. omerai

    6086-X Return to the Black Knight's Castle

    A beautiful reimagination of a classic set! Great work.
  6. omerai

    Freebuild: The Reach

    Just want to ad my admiration for this moc! I also love the backstory you wrote.. it really stirs the imagination. Truly a beautiful build.
  7. omerai

    MOC: LOTR Grey Havens City

    I absolutely love your style of building. Just beautiful.
  8. omerai

    MOC - Morisledge Cottage

    Every one of your mocs is amazing and this one is no exception. Love the colour scheme in this one, and can't wait to see that large display.
  9. omerai

    MOC: Rivergate

    Wow, this is beautiful! That small boat is cute. I love the roofs and the overall color scheme. Those cone pillars also look amazing and the whole thing looks magical. Great work Reekardoo!
  10. Amazing! Awesome! Breathtaking! Stunning! Beautiful! Magnificent! Mindblowing! So much small details on such grand scale, and the photography is also excelent. Great, great work! :wub:
  11. omerai

    [MOC] Endurance - Interstellar

    I loved the movie & i love your moc hwangmihee. Nice work.
  12. omerai

    Train station Royville (revisited)

    Very beautiful train station with some realy nice details. Great work Hoexbroe!
  13. omerai

    MOC: The Ocean Restaurant

    I absoulutely love this. Superb work both on the interior and exterior!
  14. omerai

    MOC: Train Station

    This is an old thread, but thanks guys! I've updated the the interior and the exterior of the station a few months back. Some new pics and the .lxf file can be found in my brickshelf:
  15. omerai

    MOC: Aurora

    Just want to ad my admiration for this colaborative creation. It's so unique and beautiful! Splendid work!