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  1. Really cool - liked the turn with wheels in air. Will wait for the version with stickers
  2. rathodsandeep

    [MOC] Heavy Drill Rig- 42055 C model

    It is a very beautiful C model. I am very impressed with the number of functions achieved on a single motor. Congratulations on a very impressive outcome.
  3. This is just too good. I can only imagine the hours of planning and designing out into the effort.
  4. Thanks. Luckily - I have the space to go beyond 34 inches for the case.
  5. Dear Vassal: Many thanks for taking time out to reply and for your pointers on the choice. You reduced the entire debate to such a fine distillate ;) I'm getting a new Arocs for around US$180 while a used Volvo set seems to be available at around US$170. Should that change the discussion? Currently, I am still veering towards the Arocs from my heart but my mind is considering the Volvo for the same reason that you mention - from a cost/ efficiency perspective for the RC parts. For the boxes/ storage solution, with my 2 kids in the apartment, asking for a dedicated work area is unthinkable. I do however need some proper storage boxes/ containers as the sets are loosing pieces now. I will look at the thread you linked and then try to buy something similar - in terms of size etc. Thanks for that too. Regards, Sandeep
  6. Hello Forum seniors: I am a newbie from India. I have a whole load of the earlier / smaller Technic sets (Sub $50) - Cars/ bikes from around 2012. I purchased a 42009 (MK II Crane) in 2015 and trust me, after converting the $ to Rupee equation, it was a huge amount. Well, I now have a nice situation where I need your guidance - I got a tidy bonus in this month and friends from US can bring a Technic set for me. I am looking at the 42043 (Arocs) or the 42030 (Volvo). I have been reading this section for some answers on which to select and honestly, am not able to make a decision. I am seeing the 42043 at around $200 while the 42030 is a shade higher at around $240. So, my lead question is - starting with 42009 (MK II Crane) already at home, which should be the second set I buy - the 42043 (Arocs) or the 42030 (Volvo)? I'm looking at reusability for possible MOD pieces between the 2 sets with 42009 already in the house. I'm tilting a little towards the 42043 because of its cool looks (the yellow Volvo in 42030 does not look that cool since I have already got the 42009 Volvo crane) but then the guidance of this Forum is most appreciated. On a related note, can you also please give me some recommendations on storage boxes for the smaller Technics (I intend to merge them) as well as for the 42009? Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Newbie from India