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  1. isawall317

    MOC StarCraft 2 Technic Siege Tank

    admire your MOC so much
  2. isawall317

    [MOC] BMW M4 DTM 1:10 racecar with PF

    this is the thing really amazing
  3. isawall317

    7' UNSC Spirit of Fire

  4. isawall317

    Hello from China

    Hi bodies in Eurobrick, nice to be a new member here. Lego is my favourite thing, when playing just make me feel nothing else. so concentrating... Lego brick is the cell of creation. For every set i have, i just firstly finish it following official guide, then dissemble it, and sort the bricks pursuant to catalogue. Technic, Star wars and of course MOC are my sweet points. SNOT is fantastic. Time to explore Eurobrick!