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  1. so, am i right in assuming that the orange brick shown above under the headlight is the same brick as the one used at the bottom of Pg. 35, only in a different orientation under the headlight? i ordered the extra pieces shown at the bottom of Pg. 35, but may also try the solution above to see which looks better to me in person. thanks!
  2. @jb70 , thanks! this helped me out. i knew all my gears were smooth and working properly, but could not confirm that each gear position was correct. i did build it exactly like the instructions stated (with the orange 2L beam pointing back on the left side and down on the right side), so the grey driving rings were engaged with the red gears as you stated above on the left and right. what i did not know was that the gear indicator shown in step 30 was 4th gear, so now it makes sense that the indicator at the far left is 1st gear and it moves to 4th gear at the far right (which is what is pictured in Step 30). So far, so good!!! Thanks!!
  3. thanks for this update. i have just finished the steering assembly and installed it in the frame, so i am about to this step. i am amazed how well this has gone together and how smooth everything seems to operate. i especially like the pointer that indicates which gear (1-4) it is in from the dashboard.
  4. just a heads up that if you are looking for both V1 and V2, you can go to the store link under the pictures on the first page and order both sets of stickers there. i just did it and it was $20 delivered to the USA. the way they look on the GT3 in the pictures makes it worth it. thanks!!
  5. thanks! i have everything here now and can start building this weekend. :) i noticed some people had some GT3RS black letter stickers they were using on the doors of this model. any idea where i can get those stickers? thanks!
  6. well, that was pretty simple. purchased the 42056 set. set up my list at bricklink for the 241 extra parts i needed to make the pimped out version. purchased the parts from 2 different stores through a simple purchase at bricklink (i think it was less than $50 delivered for all 241 parts). downloaded the PDF version of the pimped out version instructions, which now include the improved paddle shifting system. now i just wait for the parts to arrive and for a snowed-in off-day...
  7. Man, I can't tell you how cool this thread is. i have bought Lego sets throughout my life, but this thread really has me excited to mod up the Porsche. I was trying to decide between this Porsche set and the Bugatti, but this has helped me decide. I think most people say the Bugatti is a better overall model, but fior me, i prefer the Porsche shape (and that orange color!). i was looking for a high dollar set to buy this week so i can get the HP bonus building set, and I am going to go with this. Thanks and I look forward to the build! I will likely go with JB70's build and already have my Rebrickable account set up for the build. now i just need to purcahse the base set. :)