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  1. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Thank you for your recommendations. 'Bad guys' temple looks great and it's a way to bring the balance to the force. It is really out of scale to have brave Garmadon facing a majestic dragon First of all, thank you for your suggestions of sets. I looked at the Ultra Stealth Rider before and I could see it being appealing to my son Target age is an interesting point. My understanding of it is that it reflects on a complexity of the build rather than on how it appeal. No doubt that The Fire Temple is to complex for a 4-year-old to build but once put together it can be as enjoyable toy as any other. All Lego in my view is like this Technic line inclusive. Kids love big machinery, movable parts, engines etc and Technic does not break so easily
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Thank you for your feedback. This was my initial impression too. It seems that there is a trend for more realistic (and yet talking snakes and dragons ... ) look in the sets over years. Is it intentional that Lego is targeting an older audience more than a younger one with its Ninjago theme? If so, when did this change become apparent? I must say the Fire Temple is a fantastic compromise between vivid colours of the dragon and more dulled aesthetics of the temple. Not to mention that the build of it was very rewarding. Are there more sets like this in Ninjago theme? Thank you for the tip. Fortunately, second hand Lego on Danish market are very reasonably priced
  3. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    My 4 year old son dived into Ninjago quite a bit (and so did I ). Our first major set purchase (not counting some poly-bags, mini Cole's dragon and minifigs inherited from the family) was the Dragon's Forge. Just before the weekend I bought second hand Fire Temple and I was really surprised how my son reacted to it. Fire/water dragon is nice, he plays with it and so on but no thrill to be honest. I was kind of expecting a similar reaction to the Fire dragon from 2011 but he was simply amazed when he saw it - love from the first sight Even the temple itself is more appealing to him than the forge. Perhaps my conclusion is rushed but it seems to me that older sets (2011, 2012) are more kids appealing. What is your experience here? BTW, his next wish is to get the Earth dragon (2011) which he spotted in the instruction booklet
  4. Thanks for your motives, I start seeing the reason Do you think that the BWE will be highly playable? I find sets with manual operations more fun to play with (perhaps because of my 3 years old son). PF are nice but after a while it gets boring. Perhaps remote controls can improve the playability a bit.
  5. MOC Revolutions

    Thanks, no need to link. I was unsure whether people figure out how to build a MOC from just looking at online photos
  6. I'm just wondering why people want the BWE so badly. It's the largest Technic set ever... I get it but there are so many more interesting sets out there (unless you have them all) in my opinion. I'm new to AFOL so perhaps therefore my question
  7. MOC Revolutions

    Really impressive. Thanks for bring the topic up, it's certainly worth it. I'm quite new to MOCs, but do I find instructions to all models posted in this thread?
  8. Hello there, I am a newly registered user, though reading the forum for about a month. I am back to Technic for about the same time now (and it started because of my soon-to-be-3-years-old son) and my first purchase was the crawler crane 42042. Since then, I bought few used sets: 8069, 8049 (fantastic B-model), 8455 and 8297. Recently I managed to pick a box full of Technic (it turned out to have tons of classic bricks too) with 8480, 8485 and 8837 (plus some other unidentified sets). I am the most excited for 8480 and 8485 but it will be a while before they are built. The parts came from smoking/very smelly and sunny house so all white bits are yellow/brown now (hydrogen peroxide is on its way) and 9V wires require new cabling. Would you happen to know what specification a substitute cable should have (NB: Euro specs please )? Have you come across some interesting MOCs that utilize the control center from 8485? That's it for now! Mostly saying "hi"