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  1. This is for Raskolnikov or anyone else that's built through the Aggressor. Book 4 Engines Page 47 Step 6. The image showing legos you need and maybe one of the yellow box sub steps is missing. Does anyone have list of legos needed? You can see the legos somewhat in the images. Dont want to make a mistake and waste a legos. Ill try and eyeball and build it while waiting for reply. Step should be fixed in the instructions to avoid confusion and for completion purposes. Thanks. Nevermind. Just scrolled up to test a theory after looking at picture of step 6 page 47 and double check things. I was right. Accidentally skipped a page 45 and built 46.
  2. masseffect66

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    I haven't been able to build the past month. Seems like the position I was angling the front hull cockpit section was at the wrong angle. Front Hull Section would be angle to much inward and also go below the top of the Side Hinge Hull sections. When I moc hold it at the proper angle also goes below the top of the Side Hinge Hull Sections. In bricksmarlins pictures its lined up so i must be doing something wrong. When I hold it at what I think is roughly right angle the ball plates have created a new problem. They dont reach the socket plates. Seem to be roughly an inch off. Ive looked at the instructions and my set and looks like Ive got the 3x3 plates at the right 1x3 slope on each side. 3rd from the bottom. The stability of those plates is still a problem. Tried to reinforce the ball plates on the front cockpit hull section. Its hard to reinforce things for the socket plates under the 3x3 plates. Ive tried to fiddle with it. Ive done something wrong with that too since cavegod, bricksmarlin and others have completed it. Ive still got another problem with the angle Side Cockpit Hull sections. One looks to angle inwards correctly. Angle is wrong too. The other doesn't. Ive reviewed the instructions and my set. I think problem probably lies with those Side Hinge Hull sections. The top part. Those parts with the directions were difficult. Floating pieces or sections. Bad angles. I'm having to guess what studs to place stuff on. Pieces that just look wrong and shouldn't have been included. Ball and socket brick has a problem staying stuck to the cockpit too. About the opening and closing landing ramp door. During the instructions it doesn't show the motor power function. Those gray and dark gray cylinders. I was impatient and didn't figure out than blasting through the build and half fun. Stupidly left in the hydraulic part for the doors when I skipped the power functions and mods for the treads. Same thing. Wanted to build. If I take one of my extra engines and hook it up to the gear box will it close the landing ramp? I dont see why not. I built the internal section completely so should be accurate. Otherwise Ill be stuck with an open door. Not a big deal. Still be cool if i can close it. I took some pictures of my Front Cockpit and Front Side Hull section problems. I can take more pictures if necessary to solve these problems.
  3. masseffect66

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    English looks good to me. Thanks for tips. I figured out I had to split the front cockpit hull section in two. Less strain. I hadn't thought of the strengthen part yet so thanks for that. Will try to attach tonight and study pictures when I get home from movies.
  4. masseffect66

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Thanks for the pictures. Any tips on how to connect the ball and socket plates without knickknack them off or destroying the hull sections? Though I can't even get to the point where hull sections might get destroyed since the plates are connected by so little and to much resistant with the ball and socket.
  5. masseffect66

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Does anyone have any tips for connecting the cockpit front hull section? The section with the 4 ball joint plates and 4 socket plates. There's no effective line of sight or space for hand. The side triangle hull section swing inwards adding to the trouble. The bottom two ball plates are attached to the hull section with only 1 stud and the socket plates are attached to the 3x3 plates with only 2 studs. The ball and socket doesn't move very well knocking the one stud off and slightest downward force and lack of hand movement knock the socket plates off. In addition the top of the hull section is only connected by two studs. Entire rest of the length isn't supported. I had to take some more 1x2 plates and stick them perpendicular for more support. Doesn't solve the other problems. Not very good design for this part for the hull section itself and the attaching of it. To many weak points. Not sure what could be done differently. The bottom ball plates dont seem like they'll match up once side cockpit hull sections are in place. Ball plates aren't at wide enough places. The instructions look wrong too for the side cockpit hull section. One side angles inward correctly and the other side doesn't.
  6. masseffect66

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Thanks I'd appreciate that. Few of the pictures show off the walls really well with the different modified bricks, modified plates and the grilles. The plate layers under the railings I can see faint seems so guess I can trial and error that for right with. Is it just one wall thick of bricks? Went back to page 7 the one picture looks like it is. The side view from the right side.
  7. masseffect66

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    brickmarlin do you have part list for your third floor if you dont mind me asking? Looks good. I'm up to the entrance section in the instructions. I'm buying the tread links for that mod too. Your pictures are really good. I would be nice to know exact numbers of parts to save money on shipping and easier to build through it and work out any problems with having set number of parts. Not as much guess work. Sorry didn't mean to clog the post with the pictures. I just went back and did a test quote and looks like pictures can easy enough be deleted. I should have looked closer.
  8. masseffect66

    (MOC) Eclipse SSD

    Really awesome build of Eclipse Outworlder. Do you have LDD plans you would sell? Would definitely pay. Be be really fun to build this.