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  1. MOC: Blue Train/3-part loc.

    Hey guys, Thanks for your wonderful comments. I love how some of you really like the pantographs, because for me that was the hardest part to design. My client said that it would be OK to just leave them off, but I really wanted to try it. I took some inspiration from some guys here on the forum and elsewhere on the net, and came up with this solution. As for now, what I need to do is make it run smoothly though. On a flat surface it's OK, but due to irregular weight distribution it has issues getting through bends. So probably a second motor in it is going to fix that issue.
  2. MOC: Blue Train/3-part loc.

    Hi everyone, This will be my first post in the Train Tech part of the forum. I'd like to present a MOC that I created for someone else. We followed reference pictures for this 3 part loc, but due to availability of parts we decided to make it a 'blue train'. This is my first LEGO Train MOC. I hope you like it. Feel free to comment.
  3. Here's my entry for the Eurobricks Mega Building LEGO CMFs Contest in Category A. It's called "Open Airlock 1" and it is a habitat for the astronaut minifigure. It's the airlock of a space station floating in space. The minifigure is holding on to the handles of the airlock, waiting for acces to the space station. As with most of my creations it is completely built with pieces available in the PAB-wall in the LEGO Store at that time.* More pictures here (including the position of the minifig): FLICKR ALBUM *note: I do have a SNOT-built base for this (8x8) and I don't know the regulations on that. If it needs to be shortened, I can do that. I hope I don't get disqualified, it's my first time entering a contest.
  4. Oscar PISTOLius ;)

    I have to agree. And btw, any resemblance to real persons is not really coincidental in this case..
  5. (WIP), My Corner Fire Brigade

    I love the conversion. The only thing I would do is try to work away the large gray wall left from the garage doors. Maybe fit the window a bit to the left so there is room for a second window, or just make it a large window.
  6. MOC: Seaside house + Millennium Falcon

    cool house. What set is that hyperdrive piece from?
  7. 3 Side Modular?

    Since there aren't any from LEGO officially, there is no standard. I also assume you want this for your own creations so go ahead and create your own standard.
  8. Building LEGO Island!

  9. [LDD MOC] Garbage truck

    I dig it!!!
  10. Are you sure you didn't just make a mistake? That's not a tiny flaw anymore.. And I don't think it has anything to do with the frame. I didn't see this anywhere before.
  11. A new batch of 6w cars from me (and one truck)

    that truck and pick-up truck are awesome man..
  12. Chrome Mandalorian Sniper

    The silver knob piece is a time set wheel from a LEGO watch...
  13. UCS Falcon replica

    maybe a few different shades of gray, due to oldness of bricks can help creating a more natural look for the millenium falcon.. :)
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    damn! just when I thought I had something here :p.. maybe a bit dumb to think I was the only one to see it