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    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I went to my first official Lego store the other day, a 3 hour round trip to the one at the Metrocentre Gateshead/Newcastle, I was excited so see what kind of elements they'd have on the PAB wall and when I got there was a bit disappointed, for me the only worthwhile parts I got were a bunch of 1x1 green headlights, flowers, 1x1 trans-clear plates and 1x2 dark purple tiles, I filled one big cup full. I was hoping to pick up some leaf pieces but apparently they had ran out fairly recently and I was shocked to see how many bins were doubles, all in all I think I'll stick to Bricklink.
  2. Harpy Gender: Female Torso Print: Furry in dark tan or brown. Arms top half furry in dark tan or brown then bottom half yellow. Headgear: Long flowing hair matching torso in dark tan or brown. Neck piece, sharp bird beak in yellow. Facial Expression: Glaring/Angry. Legs: Half furry from the waist down in dark tan or brown, then bottom half printed bird legs with pointed toes like in the Chima sets in yellow. Accessory: Bird wings, similar to Brick Warriors in dark tan or brown as one mold. Wino Gender: Male Torso Print: Undone suit and tie in dark blue with creased white shirt. Headgear: Messy hair in dark brown or black. Facial Expression: Drunken with scruffy facial hair. Legs: Matching suit color with a printed belt buckle pattern on waist. Accessory: Wine bottle, reused from the Waiter from Series 9 of the CMF. Evil Clown Gender: Male Torso Print: Half red, half yellow with polkadots, arms are opposite colors. Headgear: Bald cap in white with two spikes of red hair on either side. Facial Expression: Evil smile, white with red nose and evil eyes. Legs: Same as torso but on opposite sides. Accessory: Knife and yellow neck ruff with polkadots like Shakespeare's from The Lego Movie CMF. Faun Gender: Male Torso Print: Brown fur with tatty olive green waistcoat. Headgear: Black short hair with tan horns and pointed ears. Facial Expression: Content, furry brown. Legs: Furry brown with hoof pattern. Accessory: A lyre, or lute, or flute (tan bar 3L with flute print).
  3. CptMugwash

    MOC - The Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    *Picks up jaw* Sir I take my hat off to you. The colors are so vibrant and contrast nicely with the rock belly, the roof looks like it has been peeled from the heavens and placed on to this stunning building, the whole feel of it is uplifting. Well done you deserve all the awards you'll get for this.
  4. CptMugwash

    Typical Bricklink Experience?

    . Make note of any postal & transportation strikes happening from where you're ordering from. . Beware of used parts, especially special pieces, if they're cheaper than normal there's probably a reason, but usually most stores say in the description. . Be patient, don't expect an order to arrive within a week, If an order is more than two weeks then contact the seller but be pleasant letting them know you haven't received it yet and ask about if it could be delayed by postal strikes or traffic problems that might be happening and wait a little bit longer, after a month consider a refund or an alternative. Most of my orders have been fine, I've had one that took a month to reach me through no fault of the seller it was just delayed because of strikes, I've had an order where a head was badly damaged but not as described, I left neutral feedback as I could still use it but they left me negative, my first one :( From countries outside of the EU anything over £15 inc P&P as far as I'm aware are usually kept aside due to some sort of tax thing, I once had to pay the same amount as it cost me to buy the order, therefore paying double. If your order was more than this then it may be held up in customs, you'll probably get a ticket in the post saying you'll have to fork out a small fortune to get your stuff but a month is a long time and you should have heard something by now if it was held in customs, mind you there has been a number of delays all over the place with strikes and traffic problems, hopefully it will arrive though, nothing worse than waiting that long, can't help but be worried.
  5. CptMugwash

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    I do think Lego is missing a trick here, they've already done plenty of duplo animals, they've done deer, duck, giraffe, hippo, leopard, lion, orca whale, panda, panther, penguin, seal, sheep, tiger, turtle and zebra. I also thought about another kind of wildlife line which would have most of these animals but in wild settings rather than a zoo, you could have a team of documenters & researchers filming a pack of wolves in the woods or a group of penguins in the Antarctic, this could cover most of the world, travelling across the African savanna with a safari kind of vibe, to the outback of Australia, to the Siberian tundra, etc. To add to duplo's list what I'd like to see in Lego, anaconda, antelope, ant eater, armadillo, birds of paradise, capuchin, cassowary, chimpanzee, coyote, eagle, flamingo, fox, gazelle, gorilla, honey badger, hyena, kangaroo, kiwi, koala, komodo dragon, lemur, llama, different lizards, meerkat, moose, orangutan, peacock, pelican, porcupine, rattlesnake, red panda, reindeer, rhino, tarantula, toucan, turtle & tortoise, vulture & warthog/boar, leaving some more obscure animals that kids probably wouldn't know about out.
  6. CptMugwash

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    I've always wanted a large, modular Zoo sub theme for Lego City, it would appeal to a wide variety of fans of all ages, it has the collectibility of the animals, not to mention a large number of exclusive molds, a lot of sets would have a nice amount of landscaping pieces, some nice minifigs of staff and tourists too. We've already got a lot of different molds covered but there is still quite a few we need, the only problem I see is that the new molds, which would be a lot, would make doing these sets really expensive for TLG, but would it be worth it? I can think of dozens of different sets that Lego could do over the course of 2-3 years, to name a few you have the basics, Entrance, Cafe, Gift Shop, Tour Bus, then you've got the large animal enclosures, smaller enclosures for birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, etc, there could be a side line aquarium with water shows, look at all the animals Lego has made and then look at how many more they could do, dozens and dozens, with the 3D printers they have it probably isn't as expensive as it use to be, but still is entirely possible.
  7. CptMugwash

    The Stargazer

    Great tower design, the choices of color make it look really enchanting, the slope of the roof looks great, very nice part use with the cannon for the chimney, the telescope looks amazing, and the framing of the round window using the vines is particularly interesting. Good job!
  8. CptMugwash

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I'm eagerly anticipating what the new castle line will be, what I would love to see is some decent looking dragons for a change, I'm sure lot's of people do like the fantasy ones, Smaug, and the Ninjago ones, but they just don't do it for me, the fantasy ones are virtually one piece where as the Ninjago ones look a bit chunky for my liking and the wings don't work for me, now if they could make a brick built dragon design with some more finesse and cloth wings then that would indeed be totally awesome. I'll have to get around to tinkering a bit myself to see if I can come up with a stable and poseable design. I find that Stormbringer's designs look pretty good but no idea how sturdy they are.
  9. CptMugwash

    Free Build - Marketplace of Barqa

    Loving the concentration of the detail in the center, the fountain and all the vendors are superb, overall this is an excellent moc, I don't mind the amount of tan, with Kaliphlin tan is the predominant color and you can't go wrong with it, it makes you more drawn to the splashes of color, allowing you to very easily guide the viewers eyes to where the main details are. Good job!
  10. CptMugwash

    Old Bagshaw's Residence

    Oh man that floor, very nice and I love the pieces of furniture, the simple coat hook and the stone buttresses are good too. Nice work!
  11. CptMugwash

    Osric Farwind Chapter 9

    I love the clean lines, it makes the other details that make this moc great stand out much more, like the use of the dark flesh masonry bricks on the white wall, the simple yet awesome statues and pieces of furniture especially the chair and the minifgures as well. Great work!
  12. CptMugwash

    Free build: Kyrrath Fortress

    Cool building, I like how it's kind of split, and the black elephant trunks on the roofs are a nice touch, good job.
  13. CptMugwash

    The Emissary: Part 1

    Cool build, I love the crown & beard on the zombie king, like an undead burger king king :D
  14. CptMugwash

    The Mermaids Of Whitecap Bay

    A well deserved front page creation, I keep forgetting to check in the pirates forums for great mocs like this, a great reminder for me to always pop my head in for inspiration, I like how you've broken up the tower wall with cheeses and jumpers. Well done!
  15. CptMugwash

    MOC: The Blacksmith

    What a beautiful blacksmiths you have there, everything works as it should, the colors, the details, brilliant job, well done!
  16. Magnificent! I hope that someday I will be able to create something as stunningly beautiful and detailed as one of those small buidlings, let alone the huge castle. It certainly has the enchanted look and feel with the colorful and wavy roofs of the houses and the light green grass that reminds me of the Thaumcraft mod for Minecraft which adds it's own magical forest biome. Well done good sir.
  17. CptMugwash

    What is Lego Worlds?

    I'm a fan of Minecraft and modded Minecraft and being a fan of Lego after seeing this a few days ago I bought it, to my disappointment though I have the bug where the game keeps minimizing so I'm unable to play it until they come out with a fix, I don't know if there is a workaround for it, if anyone can help that would be appreciated. The game itself looks like it has so much potential, hopefully they will allow you to build your own vehicles, from cars, to planes, to boats and submarines, and first person would be awesome too.
  18. CptMugwash

    SP Cutlass

    Haha cool ship, Star Citizen is a great source for ideas for ships indeed. The general shape is good and the color scheme is spot on, good work.
  19. CptMugwash

    [O-G08] This Looks like Fun

    Excellent cutaway scene, it reminds me of those huge sinkholes in Venezuela. I'm still considering whether or not to join in on this new venture, it would sure cure my space itch. I wonder if I could do both AG and Historica, it's mocs like these that make me want to do both.
  20. CptMugwash

    [MOC] Japanese Fishing Village

    Cool scene, you've really captured the atmosphere of a busy little village there, very good work, I especially like all the little details such as the lights and stone sculptures, the boats look really good too. This moc reminded me of a television program here in the UK a few weeks ago about how we, as humans live and work with animals, the particular episode I watched was about the Japanese fishing technique used with cormorants at night, it was very cool. Pic
  21. CptMugwash

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Thank you good sirs for the warm welcome, I shall work on my character for now, I believe I will choose Nocturnus as my guild, they are clearly the most awesome and more deserving of fresh blood. So long for now.
  22. CptMugwash

    Freebuild: The Reach

    An impressive build, well done! The trees are certainly what stand out the most, they add that extra level of life that makes a moc pop, something different and memorable. I wonder if you imitate the colors on the ground like fallen leaves using 1x1 plates and studs could add even more depth.
  23. CptMugwash

    Al Amarj Island

    What a wondrous creation you have bestowed upon us, the beauty of the build is a rare one indeed, from all the details great and small such as the observer on the rooftop to the net full of fish, the contrast of light and dark between the tan and dark bley and the way the walls are the same color so they blend in, truly a masterpiece well deserving of the front page, well done good sir! Bravo!
  24. CptMugwash

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Good day citizens of Historica, I am inquiring as to how long this Civil War business will continue? I'm undecided whether to join now or for the next challenge. I've been lurking in the shadows recently reading up on the current stages. I use to be a member of Kaliphlin a long time ago but I suddenly became unable to continue participating due to moving homes, I'm now currently in a stable situation and I'm considering rejoining, which guild though I'm not sure. Also, I've been thinking of creating a vampiric necromancer character, is this possible and are there any rules against Necromancy? The idea of the character is a vampire who has abandoned their coven in pursuit of 'higher' knowledge and cannot be done with the frivolous politics of his coven. Unlike most vampires this character would have more care and consideration regarding the use of their necromantic abilities, whilst most people will say it's unethical and immoral I think it depends which type it is and how it is used, on one hand you can say a necromancer is a glorified puppeteer, a magic user capable of manipulating flesh and bone to give the illusion of animation, and on the other hand you have a masterful soul weaver capable of calling upon the souls of the fallen to reclaim their decaying bodies once again and fight for glory, vengeance, redemption and ultimately what is right and to rid the world of corruption, a good necromancer in this case would only summon willing souls, to fight for what is right and to help others in need, whereas an evil necromancer would not care and pluck unwilling souls from the spiritworld, bind them to rotten corpses and be forced into slavery under the rule of an evil necromancer. I have fluff coming out of my bottom for necromancy and more but I shall save it for later if it is at all allowed here. Cheers, Jack
  25. I thoroughly enjoyed that, thank you for a great story and beautiful moc. The riddles were great, the horse looks amazing and the wave is really good too. I wonder how it would look with some photoshopped stormy clouds. The brick built cloud looks cool and the seaweed is a nice touch. If this were on time I would have definately voted for it