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  1. @Rockbrick There are more systems controlled by pneumatics, for example the lockable differentials therefore i will use an pressure regulated compressor... For the Air suspension I have not finally decided how to implement it. One Idea is to link a valve to every "wheel" so when the cylinder gets compressed the valvs opens and allows for more Air to come in. When their is to much air the valve opens the other side and in theory that should create a working air suspension. When you would move the valves up or down you can adjust the riding height... But their are other possibilities as well (for example using mindstorm) Hope thats answers your Question... Best greetings Benji
  2. @Marcel1980 Yes you are right it has 4 gears but since the original has 8 speeds I will try to add another 2 speed gearbox in front of the main one so you get double the gears... Its kind of cheating but there is just not enough space Best Greetings Benji
  3. @Thirdwigg Wow thats a nice car haven't seen it before And some interesting ideas for the trunk I will try it out tomorrow :)
  4. @JTS Thanks for your feedback I used pneumatic suspension because it allows for height adjustment just like in the real car When the car starts it raises itself from an easy to enter position into the drive or the offroad position ;)
  5. @Marcel1980 I am sorry but at the moment the gearbox is not assembled. I hope to make more progress in the next weeks I will than update this thread... You may have a look at my Youtube page I posted a video on an early prototype some months ago
  6. @Weavil You are right the tires are the stock ones but these were the biggest I could organize ;)
  7. Hello Eurobricks community, after a long time i would like to show you some progress on the Landrover project... As you can see on the pictures I am still working on the body but i am more concerned about the gearbox because it gets bigger and heavier all the time Are there any Ideas how to integrate one of these gas springs to allow for smoth opening of the trunk ? More Pictures : As alwayse every feedback is highly appreciated
  8. Hi I am back again :) I have build a whole new chassis to support the weight of the car better. It also uses less parts then the previous generation. Therefore it is way more stable but also more efficient. I am very pleased with the results of my first driving tests. But you have to keep in mind that it is still very heavy. The pneumatic suspension works almost perfectly. For faster response I increased the in- and outlets of the cylinders like you would do it in a pneumatic engine. As you can see at the photos I have also started to work on the body. But there is still so much to do... When you would like to see more pictures please feel free to check out my Flickr foulder: Hope you like it so far Best Greatings Benji712
  9. @Alasdair Ryan I don't think that this will solve the issue because then you are using McPherson type suspension the shock absorber has to be rigidly connected to the hub carrier ;) therefore if I would turn it around I wouldn't be able to use the whole suspension travel because I would have to spend some of it for mounting it ;) That I mean is shown very good in the first picture:
  10. @timslegos Yes I know that it is a little bulky but I had to make a decision : to buy old cylinders for better mounting options or make a bulky but functional one around the new ones. But I can tell although it looks bulky its stable and you are not seeing it in the finished model anyway
  11. I made more progress but it is harder then I thought ;) I hade to redesign the whole suspension setup because the turntables I used had just to much friction :( I used this chance to switch to a McPherson type suspension like in the real Landrover. I will also add better mounting points to make the chassis stiffer A friend of mine recently bught one therefore I had the possibility to take a look under the real car : I hope you like it :) Best Greetings from sunny Germany Benji
  12. Wow haven't seen such a small suspension with this technic before Good job :)
  13. @GuiliuG The servo is just for testing and as you already noticed it can only shift 3 gears When I'm finished I will use a different mechanism :)
  14. @piterx haha yes it was just an idea I uploaded a video on youtube showing you the rainforced frame..
  15. Today I finished the frame and made a little test drive...I melted the clutch and found out that I have to simplify the drive train to make it more efficient :) I also thought about switching to 2RC motors for drive.