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  1. All black ViP card holders are automatically entered. No purchase necessary.
  2. Most of the sets these days wobble on the stands. All that weight on a small connection will do that. He seems to be spinning it round without much fear of it breaking though.
  3. @Pariah There's a pic of gold leader/Dutch Vander doing the rounds (assuming they actually name him, and not leave it generic)
  4. Possibly hinting that the Ideas Tron set has been approved?
  5. It seems a little early to be re-releasing the SSD. I think most fans would prefer a new ISD (and that was a hint on the falcon box).
  6. I looked at flattening the bottom layer of the engine flaps last night, and I think my main problem is that it attaches to the rear of the falcon using hinges which drop down too much on mine. I've put in a couple of plates below the hinges to stop it falling so far, which has helped.
  7. Looks much better. Might have to have a go one mine.
  8. Those dates don't make sense though. We've never (to my knowledge) had UCS releases in July or December. As I posted above, May and Sept/Oct are the usual dates. We had one in January once (slave 1?) and that's because it got pushed back for some reason. I didn't want to mention the "CC" comment, as I didn't want to trigger a 40 page list of responses about cloud city! :)
  9. I haven't kept up to date on his thread, but these are apparently the D2C set numbers for 2018. Apologies if already known. 75181 (May) 75222 (October)
  10. I had quite a lot as spares, but you'll mainly want, 1x1 & 2x1 plates, 2x1 jumper plates, 1x2x1 panels, 1x1 & 1x2 tiles, and a couple of wedge plates. I only replaced anything on the top. No one will ever see the bottom! I also swapped the dark grey arches (in the mandibles) with the ones on the underside. actually, just looked at the leftovers. Also two 6x16 plates, some 1x1 & 1x2 bricks and a few other plates and tiles. Have a look at the pieces in the back of the manual, and also look at the steps and photos and try and work out what's visible and what isn't. use the online instructions if it's easier edit: also two 4x4 tile with studs on edge (to replace the dark grey in the mandibles)
  11. Haven't got the new radar dish built, but height is 23cm with the round dish. even if you remove the feet, it's not going to sit flat, unless you remove some other bits, and then the weight may cause issues. It might just squeeze in with the dish and top turret removed, but you may have to remove the whole turret section and then you'd have a big hole in the top!
  12. Ok, I've replaced all visible sand yellow/dark tan (whatever colour it is) on the top side. Changed the engine mod, and added lights. Haven't worked out how to get the lights to the outer bits of the engines but I can access the on/off switch from beneath. Not sure I like the bits below the engine, but had to fill the gap somehow.
  13. Any more details on the engine mod? The one thing I don't like about mine, is that it's not curved enough, but yours has a good shape to it.
  14. will

    Next UCS Set

    Yeah we typically get one in May and one Sept/Oct. A new ISD is top of my wish list, but I think they'll need to let people's wallets recover after the falcon, as it would likely be a similar price. Would also love a new tantive. I'm surprised we didn't get a rebels version after it featured heavily in that. (Not UCS scale). I only collect OT sets, and I'm sure there are many like me, so if they start making UCS sets from PT I think they would miss out on a lot of sales. Sort of proved that the Jedi interceptor set flopped massively.
  15. I don't think my lego OCD could handle those binocular pieces being the wrong way up! I think one of the wheels is upside down as well, but haven't checked. I just remember one was the other way up compared to the others. nice solution though.
  16. Looks good bricksmarlin. I've run out of 1x2 plates, so will swap some of them out when my order arrives. Also needed some more panels. 3 bags left to build for me.
  17. I've made a change to the engine mod and replaced the top layer of plates with tiles. Once I'd completed the top section of the falcon, it was resting on the engine slightly.
  18. Edit: can't work out to post pics. engine moc, copied from ScottishDave. Trying to remove/replace all dark tan, and make it look as OT as possible. http://i.picresize.com/cyim http://i.picresize.com/cyi9
  19. I should probably start a new topic for mods, but here's mine so far. I'll try and spoiler them but not sure if it will work! All grey mandibles (where spare parts allowed), and engine mod, copied from Scottish Dave's 10179 mod.
  20. I'll probably won't know what else I'll change until I actually build it. I'm hoping it will arrive tomorrow or weds. Probably won't do anything on the underside as I'm not planning on moving it around that much to be able to see it from the bottom! Edit: @bricksmarlin I hadn't realised how much green there was. Yeah that will all have to go.
  21. Anyone got any plans to modify this set? I think I'll look at the 10179 engine mod (by Scottish Dave) and I don't like the dark grey on the mandibles, so might swap those pieces with the light grey on the underside.
  22. will

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm guessing the other side of the box shows the other figs and the square dish.
  23. will

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I didn't want to start talking about price, but the rumour was £645-650 in the U.K. (645 seemed an odd number though). Anyway we'll hopefully find out on Friday.
  24. will

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    That's a double negative, so you're saying everyone apart from Han will get arm printing. Can't wait for you to be wrong again! :P I'm not reading too much into that other comment about another large set. Most likely just a large system scale set, but I'd be happy to be wrong.
  25. will

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Think I'll have to pick up BB8 after seeing those better pics. The other sets look good, but I won't be getting them. Saving my money for the big one!