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  1. Is it likely that the UCS falcon will have double vip points for May 4th sale? I can't remember from past years if they include the big sets in double vip promotions.
  2. For the VIP early access to the snowspeeder is that only online or is that in the physical stores too?
  3. Im in process of gathering the parts for this right now. Some expensive ones are the turntable in lbg, some of the lbg hoses are getting expensive as well. All i can remember off the top of my head.
  4. slenos

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I can confirm that it is not in lego stores; was just there last night and they did not stock it.
  5. slenos

    [MOC] Mustafar scene Anakins Failure

    Looks good to me, just a suggestion you might want to make the hill where Obi-Wan is standing a little steeper if you are trying to get movie accurate.
  6. slenos

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Clearly he was talking about non minifigure action figures...
  7. I picked that up on the deal, makes it a much better price per piece value.
  8. I think the real question is who would wear those cuff links?
  9. Ah well i kind of figured, unfortunately im in for the ships for display and don't really care about the minifgs so i guess that's a no go.
  10. I saw on ebay where someone has 75105 listed for like 30 bucks with free shipping from China, they also have quite a few of them. Obviously to me this is some sort of scam but what is it? Do they make knockoff pieces or something? Anyone had experience with something like this?
  11. Thats funny I was bidding against you on that imperial shuttle.
  12. slenos

    Most Colorful Star Wars Sets

    7665 is a very good set, if you're looking for currently available 75060 is hard to beat.
  13. slenos

    Bricklinking 10019 Rebel blockade runner

    That is very encouraging, ill look forward to your pictures.
  14. slenos

    Bricklinking 10019 Rebel blockade runner

    That is a good substitution, were the 52 half cylinders significantly cheaper in LBG?
  15. Ouch and I thought taxes were high here.