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  1. toytoy

    MOC: Calendar

    I believe each Colour represents 1 number. May I suggest that for the first 7 number, you use the rainbow Colour sequence, thus easier to remember. For number 8 to 0, use brown, white, black.. Just my humble opinion. Nice and neat creation. Very good idea :-)
  2. 20) Artist Entry (Build by lisqr) 38) Kimono Girl Entry (Build by pelle) 42) Surfer Girl Entry (Build by SugarConroy) 1 point each.
  3. toytoy

    MOC: My Minifigure Display Stand

    I wanted to make it all white but I do not have enough bricks.
  4. There will be a price increase for S5 in our retail shops :( how about yours ?
  5. I like all of them... Would like 10 of each figures, but it's going to burn a hole in my pocket... I have already gotten S1 X3 sets , S2 X2, S3 X3, S4 x 5......
  6. Hi, I have sent you a PM..
  7. Anyone interested to get MF series1?
  8. Hi all, I will be in Canberra next week for biz trip. May I know if S4 is in already and where can I get them.. Thank you.
  9. Managed to get some at Munich airport on 24 mar.. Today it's sold out !!!!
  10. I love what you have done to S1 and S2 minifigures. I have photos of them in my phone. Been showing people and they were all impressed! Love this S3 too. Looking forward to S4 and S5 .
  11. toytoy

    You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    When you went shopping, the first thing you look for is Lego... and you always bring Lego home and you can't stop buying
  12. Please advise where I can get Lego.... Other then the major departmental stores. Are there any collector's shops that you can recommend. Thank you
  13. toytoy

    Ladies, stand up !

    Can I have a pink star. Thank you
  14. toytoy

    Hi, I am a girl

    Thanks for the advice. I had my first Lego set almost 30 years ago....