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  1. serge627

    MOC: Starting a new castle

    Well the big day finally arrived and thankfully the castle was 95% done Anyhow, we suprised her with the castle and she loves it!! I have attached a few pics of the nearly final product, and will post some more later (if she lets me!!)
  2. Impressive! I wouldnt want to roll into those boys' town!
  3. serge627

    Big medieval landscape: BIG UPDATE on page 26

    Just really, really great work. I look forward to the updates on this thread very much. Great ideas put into the build and it shows!
  4. serge627

    Getting started in LEGO Trains - What to buy?

    No problem, as I mentioned, for whaterver reason I didnt notice this thread. Thanks for the merge, now it actually makes it easier to keep track of ideas!
  5. serge627

    Stoneroda 1200

    Very nice! I like the contstruction of the new stone building.
  6. serge627

    Getting started in LEGO Trains - What to buy?

    Good call, for whatever reason I didnt see that when making this post. After reading it I have some answers to some of the questions that I have. So its Ebay or B/L for additional parts and cars. Other ideas still welcome.
  7. serge627

    Getting started in LEGO Trains - What to buy?

    Hey Guys and Gals. My kids (and I) are pretty big into Lego. They are 8 and 6 and Lego is probably their favorite thing to play with and build. Actually they are currently rebuilding their Creator houses Anyhow, I am trying to prepare for Christmas and thought that maybe we would pick up a Lego train to go under and around the tree this year. I really like the Emerald Night train thats currently available, but I notice it only comes with one passenger car. What do you guys do to add another car, is there a place that sells the parts you need or do you need to BrickLink the parts? Is the engine strong enough to even pull more than one car? Any and all ideas welcome, Thanks!!
  8. serge627

    MOCs: Locomotives of the Texas State Railroad

    Wow what a collection! Any way to have some shots of the 2-10-4 alone? Very impressive
  9. serge627

    American Civil War

    Very good, definetly good detail in a small scene. More please
  10. serge627

    An Old Vagabond Gaiden MOC: Part 2

    Nice! I like this one too, but you cant beet the ninja in the water on the last one
  11. serge627

    The Purge of Evil (MOC)

    Wow!! This is amazing, the detail and the story are great. Super job with this.
  12. serge627

    Question about the Imperial Flagship

    That had me rollin!!
  13. serge627

    MOC: Temple Ruins

    Very nice work, Im interested to know what he finds!!
  14. serge627


    Wow!! This is great, very light hearted and creative. I love the face on the guy in the middle of the photo below, made me laugh out loud just looking at him chuckling!! Good detail too with the fire and the stack of wood. A++
  15. serge627

    MOC Huge Lion Knights Castle

    Wow, this looks great! Good job and very nice details in the castle.