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  1. Garno92

    Future Star Wars Sets

    With lego bringing out much needed new version of the at-St with the rouge one sets, I would love them to bring out a new version of the tie interceptor and tie bomber, both are over due for a second version of them considering the fact darth mual ship we have had 3 versions of since the first one of them have came out
  2. Garno92

    How to store LEGO boxes

    Cheers for the advice, gone with the flatten option, got more room now for sets
  3. Garno92

    How to store LEGO boxes

    Hi, I find myself in a difficult situation, I love my lego collection and the boxes that they come in but I now find myself trying to find space for these empty boxes and more recently I have been flating my least favourite ones but am still finding it hard to find space. I am now to the point were I don't know weather to just get rid of all the empty boxes to free up more room for my sets or to keep the boxes and flatten them all. Any thoughts on this would be a real big help. Cheers
  4. Got myself the arc-170 8088 off ebay
  5. Garno92

    TIE-Bomber {Ideas} [MOC]

    Out of all sets I'm surprised Lego haven't done a second version of the tie bomber. Great mock thou
  6. I'd like to see a set like the ewok village but maybe order 66 on the jedi temple with some 501st clone troopers or a traditional ucs set maybe something like the a-wing or obi-wan's blue jedi intercepter with the hyper drive ring with it.
  7. Garno92

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Dose anyone have a possible idea of when sets like the new clone turbo tank, poe's blue x-wing and vaders tie fighter are coming out? They are at the min the only sets I want to get me hands on. I never got the clone turbo tank when the clone wars series was on TV but had the one from revenge of the sith, poe's blue x-wing I want 2x due to the spare pilot you get with his black x-wing and because I have the micro resistance x-wing and vaders tie fighter, I've had all but one of his minifig scale ships same with the a-wing.
  8. Bought myself my second first order tie fighter and the hailfire droid with this 10% deal on at Lego
  9. Garno92

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    I like the set, hoth is one of my favourite moments in the franchise however I agree like so many that the price for this is awfull, still better start saving my LEGO VIP points
  10. Garno92

    [MOC] [LDD] I Am Your Father

    Shut up and take money, this looks amazing.
  11. Garno92

    [MOD] [MOC] [WIP] Carbon Freezing Chamber

    This is much betterthan the standard set you can buy in stores. Seeing a lot of mods lately of sets similar to this were the mods look 100% times better.
  12. Garno92

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    Great build all round love the mini tie interceptors and not lego related first image in the background love the super Mario riding a bloody T-Rex
  13. Garno92

    [MOC] [WIP] Utapau - Hangar 10

    This looks great, I've never seen a moc of this seen. It's one of my favourite moments in the starwars saga. Super excited to see finished work.
  14. Garno92

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Hi everyone first post on eurobricks, I'd like to see these characters made/redesigned Comander Cody Wedge Antilles 501st trooper, maybe in a battlepack like the utapau battlepack Biggs Ki adi mundi Jango Feet