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  1. This is my Coriolis Starport from sci-fi video game Elite:Dangerous. 1700 parts, 17cm diameter. Coriolis Starports are rotating space stations that orbit planets. They are 2km diameter, and feature a massive pressurised hangar, with a large force-field protected slot, for ships to enter. The overall shape is a cuboctahedron. This is what they look like in the game. On Flickr, On Lego Ideas (Please do support!) Coriolis Starport 01, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 02, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 03, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 04, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 05, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 08, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 09, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 10, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 11, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 12, on Flickr
  2. My Scarab SRV project. It's a planetary vehicle from video game Elite: Dangerous. On Flickr, and Lego Ideas, please support. Thanks.
  3. CrashHelmets

    [MOC] RSS Korolev

    This is fabulous.
  4. CrashHelmets

    [MOC] Elite: Dangerous Microfighters

    Three of my favourite spaceships from the video game Elite: Dangerous! They seat a mini figure each, but can also be easily modified to have no mini figure seat. Kind of like the Starwars Micro fighter range. They are the Cobra Mk3, The Imperial Courier and the Asp Explorer. Plus mini figures in Remlok suits. Photos on flickr. It's also on Lego Ideas. Please do support. Thanks! This is the Cobra Mk3. If you want to see what it looks like in the game, check here and here. Here is the Imperial Courier. If you want to see what it looks like in game, check here and here. And here is the Asp Explorer. If you want to see it in game check here and here.
  5. CrashHelmets

    [MOC] LL165 Locust Gunship

    Brilliant work.
  6. CrashHelmets

    [MOC] Factory

    This is very cool. I love the details.
  7. CrashHelmets

    Roaming on Mars

    Really nice design :)
  8. This is the Asp Explorer spaceship from the video game Elite: Dangerous. Made from over 1400 parts, this model is built to 1:219 scale. It has a nice chunky tactile feel. The Asp featured in the classic 1984 space game "Elite", and lives on with style in the 2014 reboot "Elite: Dangerous" and "Elite Dangerous: Horizons". In-game images of the Asp Explorer Here and some info Here. This was a really fun project. It is a challenging shape to recreate, with all the awkward angles! I tried to get as much detail in as I could, and use the Lego parts in interesting ways. Particularly the thrusters on the underside which face the opposite direction to the surrounding studs. It has a fairly intricate internal skeleton to hold everything together. I have added it to Lego ideas. Please do support it. Thanks!
  9. CrashHelmets

    Scorpion ABS (armoured battle station)

    This is fabulous! What's it like on the inside?
  10. CrashHelmets

    [MOC] Scarab SRV (from Elite: Dangerous)

    It is a Canon 600D with a 50mm Prime lens.
  11. I read the Jamie Berard document. It is really interesting. Here it is if anyone else fancies a read.
  12. This technique worked perfectly. Very clever. Thanks very much! Thanks I will read it and learn. I appreciate the help.
  13. This is really useful thanks Calabar. Ok I think I can get all the functionality I need in picture 1 a different way. Pic 2 ... is there a way to position a specific part at specific coordinates? (Eg disable the LDD auto position snap) Pic 3 ... I don't get it. They do seem aligned to me, and connecting them doesnt require much force. Which part will it damage? Please explain further, as I have often wondered why official Lego sets never connect parts this way. Thanks again for the help.
  14. Thanks! I have built the project and all is well. But I need to make instructions for it, hence needing to get this all in LDD properly. Ok here goes ... :) 1) This is the first one. It works perfectly with real parts. I guess the connector pegs are expected to go all the way through a brick with holes, so I am trying to do something a bit unusual by holding them halfway into the brick. But like I said it all holds together very solidly. I am normally really fussy about fitting parts together securely, and this seemed fine to me. 2) This one is interesting as it locks in place very securely. I can appreciate why you might not think that, but once you assemble it, it feels solid. I can make a photo of the real thing if that is helpful. I guess the reason LDD doesnt like it is because the black rod/wand fits into the circular holes in the red parts, but not in the centre of those holes. It aligns off centre. 3) pretty straight forward. No idea why LDD doesnt like this. 4) Now this is the opposite problem. In LDD it snaps together perfectly. It was an annoying surprise for me after I ordered the parts and the red circles just fell out. It's not just very loose, they are clearly not designed to fit together. So I guess there is no advice/solution I need for this, it's probably just a bug in LDD. :) Thanks for your time :)