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  1. badboytje88

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Santa should look like strong independent women! Or drag queens! I have been inactive for quite some time now. Almost slipping into a Second Dark Age... However I always enjoyed this raffle so maybe this will get me back on track! Thanks for hosting CopMike
  2. badboytje88

    REVIEW: 71012 LEGO Minifigures - Disney Series 1

    Great review as usual. Mind me asking, how compatible are the bows and dondalds gat with the friends hairpieces?
  3. I just stumbled upon this on instagram.
  4. badboytje88

    Twisted Tales

    Thank you very much! Thanks so much! Sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long... Meh I don't think LEGO woud be interested. They got their own fantasy/fairy tale themes going on.
  5. Twisted Tales Continue!

  6. badboytje88

    Twisted Tales

    Writer´s Block... So I´ve been struggling with a bit of writer´s block. I knew where I wanted the story to go up until now. So far I had no idea how to continue it and feeling obligated to finish it didn´t help at all… Being swamped with work didn´t help either. So I took some time away from my Twisted Tales. During my summer break I suddenly knew where I wanted the story to go. However there still is room for alterations. So where would you like to see the story go?
  7. badboytje88

    Twisted Tales

    Glad to see you like it! Here´s another one. Chapter 62 will take a while since I have no idea where to go with this project... Chapter 61 Well you´ve been following my story for a while now I think it is time for me to tell you the truth I’ve dabbled with some magic like no princess should I wasn’t happy with the way my fate was decided Destiny appointed me a partner, my prince Charming True loves first kiss bounded us together Unfortunately we didn’t click all that much We looked good standing next to each other But our personalities clashed like no other I snooped into Bells library There I found a book with spells of old I managed to break the magic of true loves first kiss Setting me free from a life with a partner I did not choose Unfortunately it turned him into a chameleon And a chameleon he shall be until this spell is broken by true loves first kiss How ironic Today I shall set him free saying goodbye with one last kiss
  8. badboytje88

    Twisted Tales

    Nice to hear you enjoyed my stories. The wall is indeed build from mostly boxes. Stumbled upon them in a pick a brick wall. Well I've been going through a bit of writers/buildErs block. I got one more chapter writen and photographed, ready to post but I am not sure where this project will go after that. Thanks, glad to see you are still enjoying them. Thanks! I have absolutely no idea what so ever...
  9. badboytje88

    Figbarfs for the win!

    Yeah I have no idea. Maybe it's a malfacture on either of the parts since mine came off easy.
  10. badboytje88

    Minidoll heads and minifig hats

    I didn't have any trouble taking these parts apart... Best of luck with that!
  11. badboytje88

    Twisted Tales

    Chapter 60 You may have heard of me, Humpty Dumpty is the name, Sitting on a wall is the thing which led to my fame. Currently I have a very important task, Now I hear you thinking, what it is you ask? I no longer rest my eggshell bum on a wall, Today I sit on the most important seat of them all. The Crystal Throne is where my butt will stay, On this seat I shall sway. Being a walking egg has isn’t always easy you know, The everywhere present gravity is my biggest foe. Luckily it also has its perks, I am neither good nor bad, that is how this works. Being not yet born, my fate is not yet decided, Me sitting on the Crystal Throne keeps the balance divided. Not bad, not god, not tipping the scale to either side, Allowing everyone to pick their own destiny whole world wide.
  12. badboytje88

    Figbarfs for the win!

    Thanks for all the compliments guys! Lego should do a collectable series with the friends figs. It would sell like hot cupcakes!
  13. Have you guys seen my most recent friends figbarf?
  14. Walter you did great. Such a big amount of playeplayers in your first game is quite difficult. There were moments where I quesquestioned the balance in this game but in the end I'd have to say it was quite even! And ofcourse thankssnks for having me. Hinck I loved you in this game. I was afraid to pm you because I was scum. After some time I came to the conclusion that not pming you would be metagame suicide since we always keep contact during these games. I also would like to thank my fellow Maples for the collaboration! Whoot team maple!