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  1. Catalinanmb

    Limited Technic Reviews

    What about this one? Or this one?
  2. Catalinanmb

    Limited Technic Reviews

    Or it might be because in the recent years it took you Jim months after receiving the sets to publish some reviews...
  3. Catalinanmb

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    What about a different thread, locked and edited only by the Moderators, in which only the certified information about 2018 sets can be posted?
  4. Why is the longest hand not moving the fastest, like in any conventional clock?
  5. Catalinanmb

    How many buggy motors?

    How old are you?
  6. Catalinanmb

    GT3 Racer (wip)

    The thread's title is "GT3 Racer (WIP Complete)" How can a Work in Progress be complete?
  7. Catalinanmb

    8885 problems

    I got one with the reverse switch not working anymore.
  8. Catalinanmb

    How many spare parts do you have?

    Rebrickable can tell you that. I have 31571 parts, out of which 5270 are black pins. I keep around 500 pieces as spares.
  9. Can you post some photos of that, please? I cannot replicate the situation in the photo, where the 5L beams get stuck in the other beams. Mine works smoothly since I did the gear mod described by @nguyengiangoc.
  10. Catalinanmb

    Fastest LEGO Technic Car!

    Yes, but the knobbly tires have higher rolling resistance.
  11. Catalinanmb

    [MOC] Jeep Mighty FC Concept

    24, not 40.
  12. Catalinanmb

    42066 Air Race Jet MODs and Improvements

    Here's my modded wings: