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  1. Widdi

    Building LEGO Island!

    I*ve built two of the homes years ago with MLCad, just in 1990s official set style. Both with furniture inside and open back, for playability. Here's the Panoramic home, which is the standard version of Home 3 Instructions are here: http://www.brickshel...ery.cgi?f=91087 And second the Home 1, which I've built for real long ago, since it used mostly basic parts and the windows and doors from 1994's Century skyway. Instructions: http://www.brickshel...ery.cgi?f=84573 Just don't ask why having steps adding many parts at a time, they are like late 80s instructions, except for the Piece Counts with each step. Aerial view of Home 1, this time built with real bricks. Sadly , I didn't mind to try building the Info Center. But if you want the Lego Island buildings as some sort of City layout, I would recommend to build them just in good old 90s official Lego City style. Just 3 walls and an open backside for playability, that would fit to the Game, which came out just before Town junior, and still had the good old mid-90s Building style. mFg Widdi
  2. Widdi

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Well I'm not a real Historic Theme collector, Im on classic city. But recently, had the choice between the Fort legoredo and the yellow castle, and I went for the yellow castle, altough being a bit more expensive and without box, but that one is a classic and Fort LEgoredo will get a classic some day. wfg Widdi
  3. Widdi

    Lucky LEGO finds

    I found the yellow castle in good condition recently at the Bricking Bavaria in Munich. Well 119€ without box, and they won't get cheaper trough the years. The Price was ok for a set this old.Having found that one 35 years after it's release and being a early minifig era classic. All figures (Smileys with solid stud) and stickers included. Sadly 4 grey 1x1 plates and two 2x2 plates were missing, and one helmet was white instead of grey. But after some searching replaced the missing pieces with parts from my collection. Only the white helmet couldn't be replaced with a grey one, since I don't have the old minifig helmets from the late 70s/early 80s). Seems, that I have to go on the next bricking Bavaria and hoping to find some old city sets, these were all sold out this time. mFg Widdi
  4. Widdi

    Review: 10233 Horizon Express

    And I'll have to get this set during the next year and some RC rails, to replace the old 9v rails for the display tracks, since I don't have that much rails and being stuck to the classic 9v system, which was replaced some years ago (That was much more comfortable, just setting up the track and the trafo, and let it run).I don't need to PF that thing, simply changing the rear bogie on the locomotive with the old 9v train motor, should be enough, no cables etc. needed, since I don't care about the PF-lights mfg Widdi
  5. Widdi

    Review 10229 - Winter Village Cottage

    A really great review for this Excellent set. Just got this one a month ago and moved my display including the 50s-like custom Bus set from Bricking Bavaria 2009 from one shelf to another. And recently built a suitable small train from the Hobby Train set for the display. And I would say the whole Winter Village range looks somewhat like 1950s-60s. Even the long skis on the 10229 are fitting to the era. This is the small train, but I removed the non-lego steam from it for the Winter Village display. The small engine is one of the 30 Hobby Train models and hardly fits the minifig. The Car is an older MOC by me, which is essentially a rebuild of the old 131 car and seats 3 minifigs. It's a push train, motorizing it would ruin the realism totally. It's enough that the Steam engine is on standard train wheels. Maybe I'll let it run some day, but that means some work: Removing the Emerald Night and the Locos from their display tracks, since I used quite a lot of my train tracks for them, and modifying the engine with the motor, or simply couple it on the rear of the small train. (a larger car would ruin the appearance!) regarding the Price: 100€ (Germany) for a almost 1500piece-set is really reasonable. If you look at the older winter Village bakery, which is 55€ (Germany) with less than the half of the piece count it's still quite cheap. mFg Widdi
  6. Widdi

    Winter Village 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    Like the other three Winter Village sets, this one is a must buy for me. But I'll have to move my Winter Village display to a larger shelf. It seems a bit larger than the others, but not completely out of scale. For the price, giving the high piece count and the 8 minifigs it's actually cheaper, when calculating the Price-to-piece ratio and even at 100€ it's still reasonable priced. Well depending the snow depts. The only partial snow cover on the Post Office, might be from the steep roof. Actually that one has the steepest roof of all Winter village buildings so that the snow slid down due to bad insulation. The thinner on the other buildings could be from shoveling down the snow after a heavy dump, and the cottage family just doesn't shovel their roof. mFg Widdi
  7. Widdi

    Older than you are?

    I've got quite a few sets even assembled, which are older than me. The Town and Technic ones are in Set reviews. Since BB2011, where I got one set of each decade prior to 2000, I've got one small 1972 LEGOLAND set and the classic vintage Car from 1967. This is the 329 set. I'm thinking about doing a review for this one, but don't know where to put it. Got it complete but for a hefty price at 27,50€, but was well worth it to get a Piece of History Some years newer, the 609 aeroplane from early 70s, which i got in used almost complete condition for just 5€. Had to replace one missing part. This is my Technic Forklift from 1978, which I got without box off ebay for some 20€ years ago. Pieces in good condition and complete. The Classic 6627 car, which featured an openable hood, but without engine (easily fixed adding 2 round grey 1x1 bricks Than this one the classic 6374 house from 1983. Was quite expensive at 70€, but NM, altough used. Only the instruction were a bit aged. This one is on display with it's box sitting below it, like I'm doing with every old set getting with Box. This one was a flea market find, which was complete missing 5 smaller pieces, which could be replaced with bricks from my collection, which even includes a blue era Train set (The 119 from 1969, but I don't have it assembled yet). This set was released in 1983 Well this is just as old as me, since born in 1988. It's the great yellow Prop plane, which I got at BB2011 for a reasonable price, being sold at the Event at 50€, which was quite expensive for the age, but great condition. If this one would have been released today, it would cost the same. Lastly the classic city F1 car from 1988. It's as old as me, too and after some renovating remade to it's original appearance Other oldies and my oldest parts are those old single-piece garages from 1962. And some old white pat-pend 2x8 plates, which are dating from about mid 60-ies, being an 80s-child. And another classic, altough being 4 years younger than me is this one This one cost me a hefty 60€, for 234pcs (modern counting) being just 20 years old, but in good condition and complete -Leftover White 1x1 Brick Round. This one was played by the daughter of the family living above me (9 years old). She ignored that 2009 or 2010 Farm Set, having lying around here for a 20 year old classic. Their parents weren't at home one day, when she came back from school (She has Diabetes, and so has to go on a special school in munich) and so she waited for them at our flat, which is just below theirs and it's our house anyway. (2-storey for 2 families) Set up the Farm set (the one with the Pigs) and directly next to it the old Paradisa Classic, and she headed for the 20 year old set. Then took my 6374 and played with her and the set, until their parents were back, since the family lives upstairs. And well she stayed about half an hour after their parents arrived, before going upstairs enjoying playing with those old sets. And this is the Truth! mFg Widdi
  8. Widdi

    REVIEW: 6597 Century Skyway (picture heavy)

    Nice review, sadly yours was in very worn condition. Ok my copy isn't looking better and in my play mass. Due to less time and other hobbies, I haven't MOCced for 2 years now. I'm thinking about a project making Alternate models from newer Sets, but never had the time. Those old 90s sets are really great for MOCs. When building I'm so what stuck to classic 80s and 90s town. Nowadays some City sets have the same spirit, but are still more <insert that tiresome argument> than this classic. I got mine in 1998 just when Town jr. invaded Lego Town. and this was the Piece-wise largest minifig Set in my collection until the Sand Crawler from 2005. mfg Widdi
  9. Widdi

    MOC: The city of Farnheim (Many pics)

    Great vehicles in your town. Classic early 80s-style with the old red wheels. If I'm building some city stuff, which is due to time restrictions very rare. I'm going for late 80s- Early 90s cars. Of course in 4-wide. Now I'm mostly doing CAD-models and this extremly rare at the moment due to my outdoor hobbies. mFg Widdi
  10. To me it's the 8110 Unimog. That one might have great instructions, but the size and complexity makes it difficult. I had to dismantle the whole Chassis, to correct a mistake made somewhere in the build, altough having almost 20 years of experience in LEGO (while being 23). Other difficult builds were the 5571 Black Cat Truck, which was 18 hours of building at the age of 9 years. and the 8855 Alternate model (due to missing piece callouts) mFg Widdi
  11. It's definately at the center differential, since I had the same problem. At the moment I'm rebuilding the whole chassis, will take some 3-4 Hours from now. Mounted one of the gears wrong. mFg Widdi
  12. I don't know, it's getting rarer these days, since that one is 23 years old. I got mine without box and complete at rather cheap 49,50€, that's about the price for a set of this piece count nowadays (but the plane is much bigger). If you want one with box, it's more expensive, but don't know how much. mFg Widdi
  13. Widdi

    Set Review: 6416 Poolside Paradise (34 Pics)

    No that one is not from ebay. Got it as a birthday present years ago, since then it's sitting on the shelf and polished minimum once every year, with car polish (Since the model is metal, like the real thing, only details are plastic so it still looks quite ok, but the left rear wheel rim is beaten up, since the chrome colour was worn out through the years. mFg Widdi
  14. Now for the second larger set, I got at the Bricking Bavaria event one and a half weeks ago. The classic 6416 Paradisa Poolside Paradise, featuring the unique pool baseplate. The model counts only around 234pcs (Modern counting, minifigs for 4 Parts, turntables for 2). Got it complete with box, missing spare parts (needed for some alternates), but very worn instructions. 1. The Box Got it with slightly worn, but still intact box at a hefty price, due to the Rarity caused by the glass domes included and that para-pink. The box is one of the more modern ones, which had an inner box and were common in the Late 80s- Mid 90s. large and medium City sets from early-Mid 80s, have the box included in the Hull. Sadly forgot to take a pic of the box back, so a link to a large pic on brickshelf: Box back by BS-User mbw Box Front showing the main model in the common seaside and palmtree background at dawn The box lid including some more alternate models. This are all contents, including that great baseplate 2. Lid Alternates As always when building Medium sets I'll do the alternates first, this time I made all of them. First the two smaller alternates on the lid, which show a dance scene and a garden scene. 2.1. The Garden That's the garden scene while building, had to replace one needed 1x1 with a grey one And done. The model is simple at around 110pcs but nice looking with that lounge and the pond Back view, you can see how the relax area is raised above the plate Verdict: 7,5/10 Nice design, but a bit flimsy in parts, especially the quite worn palm stems Counts 105 pcs and minifigs with switched parts and no panels 2.2. Dance scene This is the other lid alternate. All Minifigs are used, altough some parts are switched between each other, making for different outfits. The model counts 114pcs and uses the big panels as a stage. The parrot and the palm are involved. Front view, the dancers are behind the gateway And inside, while the DJ is playing on his keyboard, at least I think it's a keyboard Brds-eye view, the pool is covered to make up the dance floor Verdict: 8/10 Nice design, quite simple but shows the possibilities, if you cover the pool with the included 6x6 round corner plates, you've an dance floor or whatever you want Counts 114 pcs But the keyboard thing looks strange. 3. Box Alternates Now on to the 3 box alternate models, which makes up for a total of 5 alternate models. Nowadays you're getting your average play feature pics on the backside, but back in the 90s, you had alternate models to show what you can make out of only the set's parts. A shame, that they don't make them anymore. 3.1. Concert scene The first of the alternates, showing a dou playing on stage in some sort of club. It's a building, but not enclosed, more like the scene models from the Lid. Build was quite easy, but required some try and error as always with alternates. A few to the stage, again bad lightning due to fog outside Complete view the club area is hold up by letters and the palm leaves are the stage's roof Verdict: 8,5/10 Nice idea to use the Palm stem parts as conga drums and the pan as a ukulele. Intresting stage detail using the big 6x16 plate and some light bricks and looks quite realistic. No panels involved and 108pcs used. 3.2. Small beach House This is the second largest alternate, but it doesn't use the plate. The model is a nice small house with a lookout on the second floor. The whole structure is just bricks and plates and some plants. Was quite hard to build it. oops a little mistake, since the staircase is in the right direction, but not the building The Building is quite modular at three different parts. The staircase with the chairs, the lookout and the First floor mhh, looks a bit off-season, doesn't it, well it's november Now back to summer, the little girl is on the lookout and the couple enjoying a drink. Verdict: 9/10 great design and a modular building at three different parts, years before modular builds were invented (Town Junior, 5 years later). The scene looks really relaxed and no panels on that one. Counts 131 pcs. 3.3. Shoreside Cafe This is the last and largest alternate featuring a nice little car, which is different to the one in the main model, having an higher rear. The pool is partly covered for the seats and the bar, maybe should resemble an indoor basin, since the third plate isn't used in the model. It looks like a larger version of the Sand Dollar Cafe from the same year. The alternate car, and driver. "Where is that cafe?" It's in build mister, will be done for the summer season I don't know what's the side structure. Maybe it should be the toilets The model is done, but where the heck is the barkeeper? Completed model with the barkeeper on his place. Guy: "We'll have two Pina Colada, please" Verdict: 9,5/10 great alternate. Nice build and a really good looking bar, but I don't know why this antenna behind the building, this wouldn't have been needed. Model counts 190pcs, due to the car, so a little bit more, than the Sand Dollar Cafe set had. 4. Main Model Now it's time for the main model. This is a sort of villa with modern architecture and a panoramic window upstairs. It's somewhat a cross-over between the Breezeway Cafe released in 1990 and a minifig house. It's got an unique baseplate and the unique glass panels, which were only included in only two sets. The large ones are unique to this set. My instructions were punchholed and beat up (cracked at some pages), but complete and readable. had one palm stem extra, making a larger palm, the original one is only 6 segments (mine 7) All pieces inside the box, common to this time an inner box inside the Set box and pink, due to the Paradisa theme The minifigs. They're 4 in total, 2 male and 2 female figs. The instructions, quite beaten up, but still intact The car while building at step 4, imagine a modern Racers car on that classic base And done, classic 90s roadster and even an antenna for the radio Step one, just the baseplate, parts are added from step 2 on Step 5 and the lower interior is done Step 8 with the parrot in his bird house the birdhouse is done at step 12 enclosed with the small panels The upper floor is furnished at step 17, and the waiter/butler is still on his workout And done at step 21, which is quite a lot even for 1992 standards and back in the season The guy is out for a drive, his girl prefers laying in the sun Rear view with the complete interior Bird's eye view of the scene Final Verdict Design: 10/10 Great looking house, even that large Stair case doesn't disturb and those glass panels Alternates: 9/10, altough less high ranks for some of them I'll round it up to 9 Playability: 10/10 You can do anything you want at the main model. Visiting the House with your sigfig, hugging scenes etc. Pieces: 9/10 Great pieces, but the pink parts limit the variations, since it looks a bit to feminine, if you mix them with manly town sets from that era, but can be fixed replacing them with other parts (minus the staircase) Price: N/A I'll leave that out, since this is a rare set now, due to some unique parts. Overall: 38/40 A classic altough that Paradisa theme is only turning 20 next year, but also a classic early 90s City set with high playability and MOC-ing possibilities. mFg Widdi
  15. Wait a minute. That's only the CD from the Turbo Command software from 1998, dunno why this one still is there. mFg Widdi