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  1. LettuceBrick

    [MOC] Hangar Bay 3

    Aside from the two obvious ones in the front, there is one tucked behind the left wing (right side in the picture).
  2. LettuceBrick

    [MOC] Hangar Bay 3

    I wanted somewhere to park the new Galaxy Explorer... Three elevators provide rapid access for supplies and equipment while commanders can coordinate from the viewing gallery above. Hangar Bay 3 by Nice Try, on Flickr Engine changes are a breeze when you have an Exo-Suit. Engine Change by Nice Try, on Flickr Experienced spacers always get a bit nervous when specialists in more esoteric suit colors show up with barrels... Special Cargo by Nice Try, on Flickr
  3. I wonder what is printed on the knight's torso, if anything.
  4. Very nice work! The details and interior are great and I love the variations on the towers. Is there an actual gap where the machicolations are?
  5. LettuceBrick

    [MOC] River Gate Sortie

    River Gate Sortie by Nice Try, on Flickr The drawbridge can be raised and lowered and the gates can be opened and closed. River Gate Tower by Nice Try, on Flickr Each floor can be removed for easier access. River Gate Tower Arches by Nice Try, on Flickr
  6. LettuceBrick

    [MOC] Multi Mission Corvette

    Multi Mission Corvette by Nice Try, on Flickr The Multi Mission Corvette (MMC) is a small warship built by LB Shipyards, designed for patrol and convoy escort duties. Fitted with a state-of-the-art electronics suite, the MMC features three module bays that can accommodate a variety of different weapons fits, depending on the customer. The model is approximately 211 cm long, 25 cm wide, and 42 cm tall. It is currently fitted as a general-purpose warship, with modules for a light naval gun, a small air defense VLS, and a large multipurpose VLS for longer range SAMs, rocket-assisted torpedoes, or cruise missiles. Side View by Nice Try, on Flickr Major features, from left to right: Flight deck with helicopter, missile CIWS and search radar atop the hangar, two antiship missiles, module bay C with large VLS, funnel, main mast with multifunction radar, bridge, module bay B with small VLS, module bay A with gun. Bow details by Nice Try, on Flickr Modules can be switched between bays A and B. The gun turret rotates and the barrel elevates to fire the Lego shooter element. The VLS fires four of the same shooter elements. The Power Functions IR receivers for bays A and B are inside the vertrep area and just aft of the chaff launchers, respectively. Amidships details by Nice Try, on Flickr Most of the electronics are located atop the bridge. Amidships details continued by Nice Try, on Flickr Module bay C is deeper than bays A and B, so taller modules can be accommodated. The large VLS fires four of the same Lego shooter elements from one cell, whose door opens before firing. The IR receiver is visible aft of the module bay. The air search radar is motorized to spin. Aft details by Nice Try, on Flickr The helicopter’s main rotor spins and the blades can fold; the hangar door is motorized as well. All three functions are controlled by an NXT. The mission bay doors are just for show. Helicopter by Nice Try, on Flickr The Super SeaGnat helicopter folds to fit inside the hangar. It is equipped for surface search, rescue, and antisubmarine work. Notable include a FLIR, pylon for torpedoes, and a sonobuoy launcher. Modules by Nice Try, on Flickr The three functional modules that physically exist. Each one takes motor input front and back, through vertical 24-tooth gears (visible on the long face of the gun module). Each module bay is designed to have two Power Functions m-motors controlled by an IR receiver for remote control of the mechanisms. More pictures and a video showing the moving functions are on Flickr.
  7. LettuceBrick

    Classic Castle Parts?

    Maybe some hinges so the castle can open?
  8. LettuceBrick

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    The new Hydro Bounty from Ninjago appears to have new kite shields, possibly undecorated, but its hard to tell.
  9. LettuceBrick

    Future Castle Sets?

    I agree! Though I must say that civilian torso looks reaaally pirate-ish to me. I do think its a slight shame that the color scheme doesn't match the blacksmith.
  10. LettuceBrick

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Horses and BF torsos from the blacksmith appear to be widely? available as of now, no legs though, which is a shame.
  11. LettuceBrick

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    My latest order: Latest B & P Order by Nice Try, on Flickr It took about a month from order to delivery.
  12. LettuceBrick

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Yes, exactly those. And you're right, they're reddish brown. All the better for practice/militia shields then! Also the chess set is an amazing set purely from the perspective of the parts that will hopefully be available on Bricks and Pieces: black great helms, black conical helmets, black gladiator swords, possibly even a black longsword! Not all that much that is new, but still useful parts to have in production.
  13. LettuceBrick

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Hogsmeade has minifig shields new? in dark red. The Chamber of Secrets seems to have some sort of curved window pane that could be useful.
  14. LettuceBrick

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    These look pretty impressive, though I'm not sure I'll be getting any just for the castle-adjacent minifigs, which is what I'm most interested in...
  15. LettuceBrick

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Angled CMF Base Roof by Nice Try, on Flickr 11 studs wide, don't mind the cheese slopes that aren't connected to the 1x1 tiles, they should both be replaced by a 1x2 bow. The 1x1 cylinders are just placed along the top, not connected.