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    Hi, i haven't bought any Lego in 3-4 years and am selling off all of my smaller sets, and was considering selling my bigger ones too until recently. I have one modular, 10197 fire brigade and would like another one to go with it, but they're all quite expensive. I can get a new 10246 detectives office for about £90, is this a good deal? And if I choose to sell at a later date, will it sell for more than £90? Thanks :)
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    [MOC] Airport Ground Cart

    Hi :) For my first MOC, I created an airport ground cart on, in the same kind of style as the 7894 Airport vehicle. It has 2 baggage carts and a stair cart. The cart can take any combination of these at a time, but the stairs have to be at the back, because they don't have a towball. Anyway, pictures: Everything together: Cart: Baggage trailer: Stairs: Please let me know what you think, any comments or criticism is welcomed