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  1. Hi Pierre! Your Executor was the catalyst for starting my own, I'd read all the threads on here including Skayen's and Bob De Quatre's, but seeing one actually semi-complete made me take the leap! Mine is slightly shorter than yours at 1.8m exactly. Your pictures were a huge help in building the hulls and initial frame, after that I moved on at pace and I should be completely finished within a week. I completed the underside a few weeks ago, when the whole ship is finished I'll start my own thread. One thing I quickly realised was that whilst liftarms would add rigidity, they would also impede building anything else onto the framework, so my frame is more straightforward brute force than yours! Good luck with the rest of you build, I'm looking forward to see how you approach it compared to my take on it. Regards, Rob
  2. [MOC] UCS BB-8

    The white jumper plates were on the PAB wall too, as well as 4x4 DBG plates and the others I mentioned earlier. I've still got 500+ of the jumper plates sat in a PAB cup! I had a lot of different sized white plates already as I'd amassed a lot of white when building my 40k part Hoth moc. Nearly all of it was used, but my days of wanting perfect parts are over. As long as it's not badly discoloured, I'll use it.
  3. [MOC] UCS BB-8

    You can substitute out a lot of the internal parts and plates to save money. I've built two now, the second one I built largely from spares and PAB wall parts (4x6 white plates, 1x2 DBG plates and 2x3 orange plates were very handy) and it only cost me £60 in total. Sub out the 50 4x4 orange plates for 100 2x4 instead, as the 4x4 are stupidly expensive now.
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    No way a 7,500 part set weighs 15kg, even with the box. My modded 6,000+ part Falcon weighed 6-7kg max.
  5. [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    That looks really good, I've started a big project but I will be getting the instructions for this from you. Looking at it I'd say I have almost all the grey parts, if not all. I've got around 20kg of grey parts sorted up and am currently stripping my modded UCS Falcon for parts too, so I should be able to build both with minimal extra outlay.
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    10179 cockpit only needs to be extended by two studs to be able to fit 4 seats in. It shouldn't be any kind of an issue for LEGO to do it with a new assembly.
  7. [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    3,000 parts is more than reasonable for a model this size. If I were you I'd stick with just the one version, the best one. It's not going to be an expensive model to build, relatively speaking.
  8. Solid Gold C3PO question

    Ebay surely.
  9. [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    I've built quite a few MOCs, and every one has cost somewhere between 10p and 20p per part - the 20p was an anomaly though as it was Anio's SSD and the magnet system alone was over 30% of the total cost. I have quite a lot of parts in stock and a massive amount of white leftover from bulk buys from my big Hoth build, so I'm expecting to be able to build this for ~£200.
  10. [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Got my email and replied to Mirko! Does anyone know if the .LDR parts lists can be downloaded on an iPad and uploaded to Bricklink from there, or will I need to do it on a PC?
  11. [MOC] Scarif Battle

    Awesome! Not just a big diorama, but all the detail is in there too.
  12. [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    There are several posts on Anio's Venator thread where members have posted technics alternatives to the magnet system.
  13. [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    Excellent, this is definitely my next project. The last outing of my Hoth diorama is in two weeks time, then I can get rid of it and make some space!
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    So people can't speculate, but cryptic clues from people 'in the know' and page after page of guessing games is ok?