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  1. Chorduroy

    Contest! Marchitecture 2019 is on!

    Marchitecture wrapped up on the 31st and the winner has been announced! Congratulations to Kevin Walter! Your prize will be in the mail soon. Marchitecture winner announcement thread Next year will be year 5 of the contest and we'd like to make it the best yet.
  2. Chorduroy

    Proper Layering of Baseplates

    It depends what you're trying to do and how flexible you can be - I like to use bricks in between layers of plate because they provide more horizontal stability. If you absolutely must strictly use plates stacked up, I'm not sure how you prevent this.
  3. Hello everyone - once again SLUG is running our annual architecture contest - Marchitecture! Check out the rules and submit an entry. You could win a sweet Lego Architecture set for your efforts!
  4. Chorduroy

    Steam locomotive Instructions

    This is a great idea, thanks! They sure are challenging for me! My designs are horrific, so I don't even want to post them ... haha! This is amazing! Thank you for your reply. I will definitely give this a try!
  5. Chorduroy

    Steam locomotive Instructions

    Hi all, This question may well have been answered in the past, so I apologize, but I couldn't find anything in my searching. I know there are instructions out there for steam locomotives, but I can't seem to find anything that shows how to power them using PF parts. Does anyone know if there is anything out there? I am more than willing to pay for instructions. I've struggled for a long time to get something that runs reliably, but it's pointless. My engineering ability is basically non-existent.
  6. Hey everyone, Marchitecture is back for another year and the prizes and fun are super! Check out the rules and get your entries in, still plenty of time to win Lego's Arc de Triomphe or Chicago Skyline!!! Contest rules: Photo Pool:
  7. Chorduroy

    Train Station WIP

    It's in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Are you close enough to come? : )
  8. Chorduroy

    Train Station WIP

    Hmmmm - I hadn't thought of putting greenery on them, but that would actually be interesting - and really easy, using a modified tile with clip. I might experiment with that - thanks for the idea!
  9. Chorduroy

    Train Station WIP

    This is the start of a train station I'm doing for a WW1 collaboration for our next train show. It's loosely based on a train station I found in France, built in 1906. However, for the collab, I will have to pretend it's in Belgium in order to fit with the narrative ... lol. Train Station by Trent, on Flickr
  10. Built for a recent exhibition in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan - a local gem of architecture. Central by Trent, on Flickr Link to a pic of the actual building:
  11. Chorduroy

    Stickers in Lego Sets (opinion)!

    I absolutely abhor all printed parts other than minifigs. A printed part is typically only good for one application, while I can always choose to apply stickers or not (usually "or not" because I almost never build official sets and only need the parts). Thus, I'd prefer no printed parts at all.
  12. Chorduroy

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Does anyone know approximately how many 1 x 2 tiles would fill a large PAB cup?
  13. Chorduroy

    Contest: Marchitecture!

    Winner announced!! Congrats to everyone for an amazing group of entries. See here:
  14. Chorduroy

    New LEGO Train Magazine - A Proposal

    I've missed Railbricks intensely since the final issue. I would definitely be interested in a rebooted version. I would love to see a technique focused approach. My skills need improving! Interestingly, I see the traditional model train hobby dying in my neck of the woods. The guys I see at our train shows are getting very long in the tooth with no young people replacing them. I see Lego trains as a more viable hobby.
  15. Chorduroy

    Do you know how many LEGO do you have?

    Well, for something like the mountain, it really wasn't an issue. I knew I had thousands of Dark Bluish Gray slopes, so I just started building. But for smaller architectural details, it can be very useful to know how many of a part I have. Especially for elements I have very few of. To each his own, obviously, but for me, it's been invaluable to know exact counts of individual elements by colour.