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  1. @ Roppie11, really love your 10*6, i have been thinking about doing the same thing when i get a 42043 - im planning a 10x4*6 (yes, steering on the last axle) with a 3 axle drawbar trailer - maybe with some steering as well ;) I would demount the crane to make room for a bigger bed - or maybe rear mount it somehow :)
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    [MOC REVIEW] Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane

    @ Colonelprca: That is awesome! I have been thinking about a Y-guying system when i build mine as well - how did you make the string system on the Y-guying? is there a hidden winch somewhere?
  3. In regards to the Liebherr Powerboom: I have small plan/dream to build a Liebherr LR11350/LR13000 in scale 1:26, using 42042 and the new 42055 parts (both the now 140 tooth turntable, but also the track links, XL motor, and so on... And if i have my way, that will be in a powerboom configuration, maybe with a jib at the end too. However, it will be a 1000 USD build and thus 6-18 months into my future :P
  4. Thanks! I'll see about the covering it with lego :) For now, i'm out of parts, only at home in the weekends and a bit low in the Lego budget ;) I've also started dreaming about building something like a Liebherr LR11350 or LR13000, when the new BWE comes out - those giant 4 part rings must be good for a crane ;)
  5. I've seen your video now, and it seems like my solution :) All i need now is a 24 tooth gear... that'll be on my next BL order :b BTW, a friend of mine is getting me about 4 kilos of lead in both small balls and blocks. My plan is to use the balls in small bags in the rear of the superstucture and remelt the bloks so that they fit on my counterweight tray. I will post pics when this is done ;)
  6. Hello everyone! So, im new to this forum. I had a lot of regular Lego when i was a kid, but now at 23 years old i started with a 42042 and started reading this forum - theres a LOT of great stuff on here!! However, i quickly found out that i wanted my 42042 to lift more - my target for now is 1 kilo. I extended the main mast, built a derrick mast, a ballast tray, changed the winch from 1:2 to 1:8 (2*4:1) and replaced the lego strings with 1mmx6m string i found in a Dansih dollar store ("Tiger", for those of you in the know ;) ). However, im struggeling to get above 550 grams. My problem is the 6m strings. They are neccesary to have the gearing, but as they roll up on the winch, they take power out of it. I've found 4 solutions to my problem: 1: do a 2:1 pulley system on the main mast, before my 4:1's. However, this will shorten my available rope 2: Widen my winch. Tried that today with not much change. 3: Gear up the motor, or as im reading in this tread, replace the clutch gear with something stronger. 4: Put in an XL motor in, however, i have to change the superstucture to have the room for it. Any ideas/advice? ;) Pictures: