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  1. You would have gotten away with it, too; if it weren't for those meddlesome kids!
  2. MrRoy

    Dark Elves

    You are really good at this stuff.
  3. Me, too. I am also working on a game theory internet course with someone who has posted here and on Ideas. So if anyone is interested let me know and when we figure out what we are doing we'll let people in.
  4. MrRoy

    Lego Ideas Projects!

    I am active on Ideas and I love Project N by AWI2345 "Nerds Like Us." If you are a Nerd, Geek or self-ascribed Dork, please join us, create a profile (if you have not done so) and support this and many other great projects. It is totally free, actually TLG pays for it, so if you have bought LEGO from them, the LEGO Ideas platform is their way of saying thanks. Come on by and see some more great stuff. You can post MOCs there, too. And if enough other Nerds, Geeks and Dorks support your project it might become a real set someday. Start here and imagine the possibilities. Thanks in advance to any and all supporters.
  5. MrRoy

    Dwarf Organ Gun (artillery piece)

    Modern is as modern does. Little indie, steampunk, anachronistic, still fits genre tropes and archetypes. What we need is the counterpart goblin or gnomish ingenuity (read suicidal bombers) and it's all good. Keep 'em coming; your fans will support you. And someday our armies will clash, and we will discover who are the true victors of the War of Imagination. Mind you, the winners may already be clearly evident to those with the vision. But to answer the question, give a set number of ammo rounds after which the unit no longer possesses the ability to fire, but may still have ram value and/or provide cover for either side, depending on who holds the position.
  6. Sorry, late night. Typed reply, then accidentally nav'd away and erased it. Better now. My wife and I run a pre-school and the kids come to my game club. I teach them how to "play." They become designers of their own play and in the same fashion of their own "games." Then they apply the success they have learned to their own behavior, school, sports, work, life. What I do is effective for people of all ages, myself included, but I have primary access to kids age 3-12. I am also a coach. But really, I just talk to people and ask a lot of questions. It is how I prefer to work, Socratic Method and all. So, on the topic of Brick Gaming, let's just let 'em fly. I'm game, but we should start sort of theoretical and go to gaming style and finally the hard core mechanics (too boring to talk about how far a unit can move in one turn, at first at least.) Anyways, I will start checking in more often, if you are active on this thread or if anyone else joins or re-joins us.
  7. Greetings, Whiteagle, and thank you for joining this thread, I do have a game club and a very indie system that can be explained over time. I welcome the opportunity to interact with you here. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rayhawk at BrickFairNE14, where I and my marshals played over 140 guests on Saturday and close to 95 on Sunday. During the chance encounter in Manchester, NH I showed Mike my copy of his rules from 2000, I had printed out and carry with me to show people the conceptual origins of Legendaria. I had previously explained my club and game, and could tell he was someone special, so I said, "Are you a gamer at all?" He said, "Yeah, sort of." I said, "O.K. well I told you who I am and what I do, now it's your turn." He proceeded to blow me away with the question, "Ever hear of Brikwars?" I said, "Yes, sir I have." He said, "I invented it." I cannot say what happened next because I could not believe I was meeting one of my real life heroes. To this day, I have not had a similar moment to compare with this, though someday I hope to. Maybe interacting with you here could prove to be less fortuitous and more profitable if you are willing to share your experience and insight. I gotta go for now, but I WILL be checking in. Let us begin with introductions and then get topical. Theoretical at first and then getting specific to game styles and mechanics.
  8. MrRoy

    Dwarf Organ Gun (artillery piece)

    Chinese may have had black powder as early as the 12th century, but not the 9th century as is sometimes held.
  9. I respect that. I really like your work and appreciate how nice you have been to me. If you ever go on Ideas let me know. I'll try to help promote your projects.
  10. Thanks. Rayhawk--Brikwars, yes. Found out he works for TLG and is in the graphical arts department. According to Whiteagle, he was required to attend a new employee orientation within the department, where the moderator was tasked with exposing new team members to the artwork of one Mike Rayhawk. He later described the experience as surreal. I don't know all the details, but that is about as good as it gets. BTW they're talking about you on Ideas. The want to see a (purist) Wardancer project. Can't say I would mind seeing that myself. Let me know before you do, though. I don't want to waste your time. :) I am editing this on 5/28, asking for an update if you have done anything new on color scheme with your additional two units. If so, would you post your "wing" for us sometime? Thank you, Wardancer. Also, it was nice to see you ono Ideas.
  11. I like Rayhawk's, blue wing, though!. Is that the Mike Rayhawk? Met him once at BrickfairNE 2014, Manchester, NH. I'm a huge fan of his work!
  12. Costa Rica must be popular right now, cause friends of mine left yesterday for San Jose. I went in 1988. Remind me to tell you my story about that trip someday. I chickened out on the grey. Got two Buckbeaks just sitting waiting a moment of lucidity when I get some courage to try something. Good luck on armored Hippy! Can't wait to see it. Mighty eagles from angry birds? Whoa, awesome idea!
  13. Yes, and then they join the club and come once or twice a month from age five to twelve, for three hour play sessions. I just don't explain it to them the way I can to you, because they would have no idea what I'm talking about.
  14. 1. The game is complicated to explain. We have Foundational Rules: Designer's Rules, the implicit theoretical basis of the game, (the mathematical representation of game state and how and when it changes) I create these. We have Operational Rules: Player's contribute here, the average of rules in the minds of all players. It's what players do to play the game. Some of the above are Written Rules that give explicit formulation of how to do certain things. Some are Behavioral Rules, the "unwritten" rules that are implicit rules of behavior regarding sportsmanship and social contract There are Laws, think "Tournament Rules" which are explicit behavioral rules, properties, sanctions and corrections that I usually impose but only if and when necessary. Official Rules require Authorization, that's when Laws become part of the Written Rules. Advisory Rules concern strategy and tactics and allow open contribution and debate until they become Behavioral or Operational, etc. There are rules regarding Equipment and House Rules that include the feedback of players and designed to tone the Operational Rules. Play is the Application (or non-application) of the rules to equipment. (In the case of the latter think rules not observed for specific reason) Finally, Modes are different rules or rule sets which apply during different parts of play or play sessions. Yeah, I teach all this to the kids by actually doing it, not theorizing about it, but it's nice to talk to adults about it once in a while. :) 2. Each player has a troupe, think cast of characters in a play. They are free to choose any PC (sometimes more than one) and if one of their PC's falls in battle I typically have them continue to play with a different PC to keep their interest and the session going. You play until all your PC's allowed into each session fall. Then the battle is over and a victor is declared and reward or consequences are dealt out. 3. Players will own between 1 and twenty-something PC's. They keep them in cases and are responsible for the proper maintenance and protection of the PC, consumables, companions (pets), possessions and powers.
  15. Typically, I have play sessions for 2 to twelve kids. If their PC falls in battle they "time out" for three turns (Rest and Recovery) or until someone spends an action giving them first aid. If they drink a healing potion or get a beneficial spell they're back to full health or near full health. But any longer than three turns, which can last between five and fifteen minutes and I lose their interest no matter what's at stake. So no one "dies" but they lose play actions and input into the gaming sequence, until they are back "in the saddle." If all allies are in Rest and Recovery the battle is over and my monsters win. Usually, my monsters take a pretty good beating. "Oh, my poor monsters!" -Dave Arneson