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  1. guitown

    SDRnet Winter Village 2015 (complete diorama)

    Awesome! :-) Got inspired by your dio!
  2. guitown

    My Winter Village diorama

    Like it! I'll build mine asap :-)
  3. guitown

    [MOC] Barrels Out of Bond

    Awesome!!! It's an amazing job you did! Congratulations
  4. guitown

    Ch'ti Brick 2016

    I agree with you :-)
  5. guitown

    Ch'ti Brick 2016

    You're welcome :-)
  6. Morning to all, just to inform you that the expo: "Ch'ti Brick 2016" in France was a success last week-end, I just want to share with you pictures I took during this event so you can also enjoy it. Have fun!
  7. guitown

    Hello from France

    Thanks a lot :-)
  8. guitown

    Hello from France

    Yes! Thanks for your welcome.
  9. guitown

    Hello from France

    Morning all! I'm glad to join Eurobricks as member, I saw on (Lego) blogs that Eurobricks is a reference for many people so I have to be here. My name is Guillaume, I'm 30 years old and I'm back from Dark Age since 4 years now... I bought all set of LOTR collection and now I'm looking to get all set of The Hobbit, I'm a big fan of this story. I have got others sets like the latest Millenium Falcon from Star Wars, the headquarters of Ghostbusters, Wall-E, The Big Bang Theory or Doctor Who and many others... I recently created my blog (in french of course) on Tumblr platform, I try to do my best for AFOL who need something new, it's not easy but I try (I don't pretend to have the "best" blog of the world). My goal is to make people happy when they read my posts and give them the opportunity to share my work, buy my old sets I built when I was a child and drop their opinion. If you want to visit my blog, you can go to or follow me on Twitter: @brickaleg Thanks a lot for your welcome. Have fun :-)