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  1. Hello Legofriends, here is my new project, the town hall of Münster in Westphalia. The diorama shows a scene in year 1643 when Fabio Chigi the popes ambassador arrives to the peace consultation of Westphalia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_of_Westphalia https://www.flickr.com/people/154830606@N08/ I hope you'll enjoy it, leave a comment for critic. Greetings, Kapp
  2. Kapp

    [MOC] Bay 327 - A Star Wars Museum

    This is really amazing. I like the seperation of different starwars themes...
  3. This is absolutly amazing, one of the best ships i have ever seen.
  4. Kapp

    [MOC] 'Bricks Cross' - Train Station

    This is really cool, cant wait for the hole "brickscross"...
  5. Kapp

    [MOC] TARDIS - Exterior and Interior

    Doctor Who <3
  6. Kapp

    Island Outpost

    Looks like it could really excist.
  7. Kapp

    [MOC] Western Town & Bull-Riding Tournament

    Nice work, my favorite is that little chineseestylehouse at the right.
  8. Kapp

    Windmill Heist

    Looks very real.
  9. Kapp

    ( MOC ) Toyshop ( edited / remodeled )

    i never exprected this amazing couloreful Moc, so much good ideas, especially that figures in the shopping window
  10. Kapp

    Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    this is amazing, i really love rome or anticstyle. there are not much MOCs with that.
  11. Kapp

    [MOC] Burning at the stake, Jeanne d'Arc

    sanctified with dynamite
  12. Kapp

    [MOC] Typical Heritage House In my country.

    this remembers me so much, what i saw in vietnam. Great work!
  13. Kapp

    Merry Men's camp MOC

    This remembers me at my childhood lego woodsman adventures. :D very nice
  14. Its nice MOC i like how you build that ground