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  1. _Galadriel_

    [MOC] Townhouses-Dollhouses

    I had an idea to build a town diorama, but with completely furnished interiors, so you could see the life of minifigs both outdoors and indoors. So these are the first two buildings I've made. There's an apartment on the first and second floor and a grocery store on the ground floor. I had to hurry up to finish this in time for our exhibition a few weeks ago and I didn't have enough time to furnish this building so I decided they just haven't moved in yet. :) The ground floor will be done soon. The second building is actually made of two semi-detached houses. There are two ladies living in these houses and as you can see from their apartments, they are quite different from each other. Higher resolution photo of the interior can be found here: https://c2.staticfli...441722c1c_o.jpg All suggestions are welcome. My Flickr page: https://www.flickr.c...os/-galadriel-/
  2. Name: Furry Creatures Number: 31021 Theme: Creator Year released: 2014 Parts: 285 Price (according to Brickset): £17.99 / US$19.99 / €17.99 ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi, all. This is my first review for Eurobricks. I got this set about a week ago and I just love it. When it was first announced, I thought it looked cute and that I might get it. I didn't really expect that much, I thought the animals were really cute but that's it. But when I finally started building the set, I thought: So let's start. Here is the front side of the box. You can see all the animals that can be built with this set. I love the colors on the box, the set looks bright and appealing. And the back side of the box. Instructions. I decided to build the cat and the mouse first. I named them Edgar (cat) and Pippin (mouse). Here's the content of all the bags from the box. I have to say that I just love the parts from this set. There are so many cool and new parts. Notice the round tiles with eyes pattern. You get 4 of those, with 1 spare eye. Here are some parts that I thought were great. I know some of these have been around for a while now, but they are my first so I had to give them some credit. I love the new bracket plates, they are very useful and I can't wait to get more of those. The new curved 1x2 slopes are also lovely. Ignore the black 2x2 plate, I don't know how it got here. Let's start building. The mouse is the first and the technique is really cool. You get to use the new bracket plates right away. And Pippin is done. I love how something so small can be built with so many pieces and different parts. I think there are about 40 pieces here. Now it's Edgar's turn. The build is really fun. The cheeks and the inside of the cat's mouth. Almost done. The face is build separately and then attached to the grey 1x4 brick. The lower jaw is then attached to the tan modified plate. And the head is done (yes, I missed the ears ). I just love it. You can rotate the eyes, move the whiskers and the lower jaw and adjust the eyebrows in many different ways so the cat can make many expressions. So I had to play with his head a little bit, and here are some of his expressions: The ears are also movable from left to right. And now the body. It looks like some strange little car. Without his arms and legs, poor Edgar is not very stable and falls on his face. But after attaching his paws, he's unstoppable! Ta-daaa! Leftovers. You can rotate his paws around, make him sit or stand. The tail is also flexible and can be curled or stand straight. ''Hey! Not on my watch!'' Flying cat. You can switch their eyes and here's the result. Skcheung built another animal with the pieces from this set and I think it looks great. Click here to see his horse. Ratings: Price: 9/10 - I think 285 pieces for 18 Euro is a fair price. Parts: 10/10 - I am really satisfied with the parts selection. When you buy a set, there are always some parts you probably won't use very often (for example, I rarely use some technic elements that I have), but in this set I couldn't find a piece that I won't need in my own creations. Design: 9/10 - I love the techniques that were used in this set and the animals are really well designed. I only think that the cat's body could be a bit thicker or heavier, since the cat has a tendency to fall on his face because the head is much heavier then the body. I love the mouse, but his tail can't really stay like pictured on the box. It is attached with a pin and it rotates around. Playability: 10/10 - This set is really playable. The cat is fantastic. Build: 9.5/10 - Very fun build. A bit repetitive when building the legs, but other than that it's really fun. This is a great little set. I love the parts selection, all of them are very useful and the set contains a lot of new elements. What I love the most is the playability of the cat. His head, hands, legs, tail, eyes, eyebrows, whiskers, lower jaw and ears can be rotated in many directions. I also like the creative use of some parts. For example, the handlebars were used for eyebrows. I love the building techniques, the build was very fun and I also got some ideas for my MOCs. I would recommend this set to everyone. Hope you liked the review. Thanks!
  3. _Galadriel_

    Big medieval landscape: BIG UPDATE on page 26

    Wow, this is going to be epic. I love the bridge. Are you counting the pieces while building this?
  4. _Galadriel_

    Container Raffle Build

    Here's my silly castle container. It's made of stone so it could be used as a port-a-fort in case of attack. Loading the container.
  5. _Galadriel_


    This is huge! I love your previous creations, can't wait to see this one finished.
  6. _Galadriel_

    MOC : Somewhere in Venice

    Wow! Beautiful! I love all the little details on windows. My favorite detail - the hanging clothes. Really great work, thumbs up!
  7. _Galadriel_

    Hello from Croatia! :)

    Hi everyone. I've been a lurker here for quite some time now (mostly reading reviews ), and decided to finally become a member. A little something about me - I'm 24 years old, I started buying LEGO and making MOCs a year ago, and I'm a member of the Croatian LUG Kockice. I own around 15000 pieces and I'm interested in many different themes - Town, Castle, Harry Potter, etc. I'm still working on my profile, I'll put my MOCpages and Brickset page in my signature later. Glad to be here.