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    REVIEW: 6624 Delivery Van

    Not sure how collecting multiple reviews of the same set works here, but for now I will assume the "1 topic per 1 set" rule and add a little video review of this one I made recently :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0uvqQvsz4k
  2. Wallas

    Review: 60006 Police ATV

    The Review Index sent me here when I searched for a topic for this set, so I'd like to add my own opinion on it to the pool :) I turned my thoughts into a video review that can be seen here: Also, if you want, why not listen to the Polish version?
  3. Wallas

    LEGO Photography Index

    Hi, I'd like to ask a photographic question: As I am a general toy / Lego photographer with no specialty, is it possible for me to create a single main topic to share all of my pictures in one designated place? If so, where should I add it? Thank you in advance for your reply :)
  4. Wallas

    [MOC] Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A

    Absolutely impressive work, it's incredible that even though the Lego pieces alter the surface detailing of the source material you still can unmistakebly tell it's this exact Gundam. And you even managed to add Full Burst feature. Well done :) And also subbed you,I like the first glimpse of your other works.
  5. Another video review of a set that is currently marked as still needed on the index, and in my case it was recorded three months before Aero Hawk (but found missing on the index second, hence the topic creation order). I really adore this small set as both very nostalgic and imagination driven, which I do like in cases such as this one. Series: Lego Town Airport Catalogue number: 6529 Year of release: 1990 Minifigures in set: 2 Pieces in set: 28 From what little I browsed the index so far, I have at least two or three more Town-themed sets that are in need of review in my posession, so I might speed up their coverage creation to fill these gaps :)
  6. Wallas

    [Video Review] 6536 Aero Hawk

    Browsing through the review index for Town, I noticed that 6536 Aero Hawk was still needed, and as a matter of fact, I reviewed that set two weeks ago on my English YT channel. It's not a full pictorial, but I put every thought I had on this set into this five-and-a-half minute video, so I hope you will like it :) Series: Lego Town Flight Catalogue number: 6536 Year of release: 1993 Minifigures in set: 1 Pieces in set: 43
  7. Hello, I am Wallas, a toy fan from Poland. While I mainly collect and deal with action figures and transforming toys, I have a soft spot for Lego too, as it was a solid chunk of my interests as a child. Now, as a grown up, my biggest hobby and favourite online activity is video-reviewing on Youtube through my two channels, and that's what I would like to share with you the most while staying here (as long as it's Lego-related, no other toys or off-brand bricks intended), and hopefully improve my skills as an AFOL with a camera in the process :) I also like to take pictures of my toys and sets and occasionally build MOCs, so I can show you these when I make them. This is my first Lego community I'm signed up to that's not in my native language; I wanted to share my work and talk to people who primarily use English in their everyday life, and Eurobricks seemed like a good place to start with, based on the number of topics, users, and their activity. I hope we will have a fun and educating time together :)
  8. Wallas

    Review: 8534 Tahu Mata

    I must say, the review index is a brilliant tool for finding topics for reviews of individual sets like this one; I also value the checklist functionality. Whoever is keeping tabs on this is doing a great job. I was enouraged in th past on other message boards no to clone topics about the same toy, so I will add my three cents (video review) on Tahu here. If I should create a seperate topic for that in the future, please let me know. Also, this review was recorded three years ago and my technique improved a bit since then, but I was trying to be as informative as possible, so I hope it will be good even today. Also, as a bonus I also made a "let's build" video for Tahu, for now I will add it here, unless told to move it elsewhere.