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    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Hello All, I just finished the interior and got the food for the outside so I thought I would post a few more picks here of the finished product. Here it is in overall, think it fits in quite nicely with the other buildings and you can see what it looks like with all the food in place etc. Here we have the first floor Here is the the second floor, note no walls for the bathroom as I wanted better access to play for my son, who dose not care about walls in any case ^^ And there you go, very happy the way it came out, worth the effort to get in my view.
  2. Bizmarck

    Lego town hospital upgrade to match Modulars

    I used all of the old bricks in the new buildings to keep the costs down, also it was a bit of a challenge in a way, :) in the end all I had left over were two skylight pieces from the fire station... :) need to change a few things to improve the stability of some of the floor elements but it mostly works as is.
  3. Bizmarck

    Lego town hospital upgrade to match Modulars

    Yeah, I think I looked for them but they were not available in the normal red for some reason,,, so a compromise there,
  4. And... done. Finally finished the hospital and that is all I will upgrade for now, next step is the interiors and modding the green grocer to be playable from the back... which I will leave myself some time for. So for those that came late here is a link to the police station: And fire station So one more time... here was the problem: Which is the odd one out? :) So here was the plan: And here the results another: And one more: And now from the back... here I have to say I did nothing with the interior yet, almost totally out of usable bricks at this stage... something for my next project... also you will note I stuffed up my colour order of the floor tiles... such is life, something for next time. So now that I am done, what do they all look like together? And another: And one from a lower perspective: And there you go... that will be it for a while as I do some other things but it was a lot of fun and I think the results are respectable. Got to love lego. Biz
  5. Hello All, And here is the second upgrade to my town set, the fire station. Police station can be found here: So, once again the problem: (town sets don't really match the look of the new modular buildings) The plan! And the results: again from front From the back (this one I spent a bit more time on the interior as the fire station is the favorite of my son. And finally a zoom in on the living quarters: So there you go, one more left. Anyone else undertaking similar upgrades to their town sets?
  6. Thanks, I get the feeling the whole modular tendency is either a bit older style or European, which I like anyway so this was a happy direction for me. Second benefit the roof bricks can be used for other modules later on ^^
  7. Hello All, So I have gotten back into Lego thanks to the gorgeous modular buildings and have found an issue regarding my older town sets not exactly..., fitting in? So I thought... time for an upgrade. So here we see the issue at hand: Not very consistent for my tastes at least. So here was the plan: And here are the results: Another: Another: And one from the back... now I still have to do the interior and I like the back-open style play so kept that (I will mod my modulars to be back-open play as well) Also need to reinforce one of the floor elements... but the idea is there. Well there you go.
  8. Bizmarck

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Hello All, I just finished my Green Grocer in a simple tan (no textured bricks). Did this for price reasons as well as reusability reasons (also got rid of a lot of the 1 x 8 for the same reason). Changed some colors. think it came out ok. All up between 200-250 aprox. including shipping. This is the only retired modular I really wanted, so happy to have it done. Next step is to upgrade my older city; police, fire and hospital to have them fit with the new modulars. (also will mod the modulars to be playable from the back), so will let you know how it all goes. Biz