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  1. The Prince Alex was captured WAY back in Volume 5, Issue 1 from Prio. Since then, it has been hidden away in a secret Sea Rat cove, awaiting it's captain to make the next move. Captain Amara has found a new captain to steer this vessel into the battles to come.
  2. Thanks everyone. Sorry for the misprint on the name Kwatchi. It has been edited.
  3. "Captain Amara, this is an unexpected pleasure. We are honored by your..." "You may dispense with the pleasantries Shipwright. I am here to put you back on schedule to deliver us an expanded harbor for our growing fleet" "I assure you Captain, my men are working as fast as they can." "Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them." "I tell you, this port will be fully expanded and operational as planned." "The Lord of Whispers does not share your optimistic appraisal of the situation." "But he asks the impossible. I need more men." "Perhaps you can request extra manpower from him yourself?" "The Lord of Whispers is COMING HERE!?!" "Of course not you sniveling worm! You are not fit to lick the master's boot!!!" "I don't see how you think some 'princess' sent by some 'Committee' can waltz in here and tell me how to do my job, insulting me while she does it." "You have failed us for the last time Shipwright." BLAM!!!! <whisper> "... and I am not the committee." "You there, you have three weeks to get this port up and running. Do not fail the Lord of Whispers like your predecessor .... Shipwright." "Yes Captain."
  4. Can I return Amara from retirement? It has been a while but I would like to start building a bit more consistently if possible. My brother Kwatchi has posted for me a couple of times over the last while on his account but it would be nice to make the return more official if that is ok?
  5. Yes. Masterfully done. Really enjoyed the read. I've spent the last 24 hours trying to think how I could MOC this to do it justice. I think I am going to need another 24 hours to think about it some more.
  6. Gulagurag

    Puck’s Jest (Epilogue) - SR 5A ship

    It is kind of funny how long it took me to get to this point. Can't say I won't rework some sections a little more when time permits. Bregir - The inverted tubblehomes actually came to me when I was thinking of how water would drain from a ship in a storm and that the slant of the deck should always go outwards. I put one of those pieces in as an experiment and liked it so much I had to order a dozen more to fill in the rest of the deck. Riggings are my bane. I am going to have to do an order for pieces that will be used for that task alone to start getting them right I think. My collection just can't do it in a way that works effectively. Bregir and Garmadon - Nice to hear praise on the stern section. I rebuilt it a few times trying to give it a less square look before coming to the octagonal wall approach I ended up keeping. Took a bit of tweaking to get it to a way I was satisfied with. The sills came early on in my design. I ran out of 2by1 boards in the color I was using so tried the one with elbow pipe then built the sill up to give some extra detail. It stayed in from that point on. The color scheme was primarily done in brown with gold trim because of the show "Black Sails" that I was watching one evening. I noticed how much wood was on all the ships with what seemed to be gold paint for detailing. Tried to go with that primarily and work in minor yellow and blue details for the Sea Rat colors. Originally, the gun ports were going to be blue and the filligree a mixture of gold and yellow but it never looked quite right so went with more brown and black decks (because black are the most flat pieces color I have rather than for esthetic) Bodi - You nailed the secondary use plan. I have two kids and now I have two ships they can play with. One for each. I expect they won't make it through a weekend but that is ok. Gives me an excuse to rebuild them. Thanks for the comments.
  7. After a hard fought battle, the Puck’s Jest had been taken and Captain Amara and her crew had her outfitted and prepared to sail under its new owner’s flag for the Glory of Charlatan Bay. Each side sports 7 gun ports to bring about devastating broadside attacks. The two masts of the ship allow for optimum sail efficiency and with the smaller hull size, optimum speed. Two forward facing gun ports can be found on the bow along with a pretty dapper looking Jester to help identify the vessel. The cool guy with the Egyptian hat and pistols is a bonus! If you are looking at this view, you should have been running five minutes ago. Back – Two more gun ports under the cabin house stern cannons to deter any tail gaiters. Crew on edge – “Hey look at that! I can see my reflection!” (Yah...there is always one)
  8. Gulagurag

    Hera's Fury - 5A ship

    Edit done.
  9. Puck's Jest - Part 1 | Sea Rats | Gulagurag Hera's Fury | Sea Rats | Gulagurag
  10. Introducing the newly created flagship of the Charlatan Bay Navy, Hera’s Fury. This elegant three masted vessel is the envy of all that lay eyes upon her. Ordered to be meticulously crafted by renowned artisans over the span of a year, this ship was christened Hera’s Fury and assigned to Captain Amara of the Amazonia islands for the new year. This honour was bestowed for her aid in securing the port and dedication in building trade for the town of Charlatan Bay. No expense was spared as golden filigree was imprinted generously about the stern Cabin walls. It is a beacon of precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. Just look at this stern deck. Wide and spacious, adorned with two portable 8 pound cannons and a rich mahogany wood wheel imported from Cape Town. The port and bow are also both beautiful and deadly. They are armed with six 15 pound cannons a side, making the fate of any that suffer a broadside attack all but assured. To the bow, two more 8 pound guns are on desk for side or forward fire as well as two canon ports with ten pound guns forward, perfect for letting fly while giving chase to her pray. The exquisite sculpture of Hera herself is a marvel to behold. “I’m King of the world!!!!!” “You sure are Timmy. You sure are.” Spoiler
  11. Captain Amara waited paitiently with the two other sailor’s for Meloche to begin the briefing. They stood around the table with the map of the area, shifting from side to side, while waiting for the man who had willed the town into being to arrive. Meloche did not keep them waiting long. He strode in confidently will his weather-worn cloak flapping behind as he walked. “Thank you all for coming” he said courteously as he reached the end of the table and Amara acknowledged the comment with a nod. Pulling three envelopes from a pocket in his coat, Meloche addressed the group again. “ I present each of you with letters of Marque from Eslandolan. We will be hunting Mardieran ships this month after their spineless betrayal left Amara and I without our ships. We will show them the folly of their actions.” Pointing at the map on the table, Meloche began to brief the sailors on rumours and likely trade routes of the Mardieran fleet. “ that we know the likely routes to hunt by, I have a special task. There is a ship called the Puck’s Jest. One of my spies has reported its location off the Dragonfang peninsula and I want one of you to bring her back to us. It is a bit under gunned and will need refurbishing but with a bit of work, should be a useful addition to our town’s navy. “ Amara spoke up immediately. “I will bring her back sir.” The other two sailors gave the amazon a questioning look. Amara was the captain of a ship that was half the size of the Puck’s Jest. A sea battle between the two would be suicide for the woman but they held their tongues. Meloche did not seem to share their skeptisism and finished the brief quickly after. “Take care out there.” Meloche concluded and the four seafarers left upon their separate missions. Captain Amara had her men prepare the Night’s Whisper and set sail on the morning tide. They followed the map eastward until they approaced the Dragonfang Peninsula. However, night was falling and the men hurriedly dropped anchor and stowed the sail in the bay rather than risk coming about the peninsula at night and face their target in the dark. As the sun continued to drop away on the horizon, captain Amara pulled her looking glass from beside the wheel and set it to her eye. Puck’s Jest sat anchored exactly where Meloche had said it would be. Amara could see it clearly around the point of the Dragon Fang. The sun at her back made the ship almost glow with brightness while she knew, her ship would be hidden by the blazing orb. Reaching down, captain Amara replaced the spy glass in its pocket and then called to her crew. “Come along men.” She called “It shouldn’t take us more than an hour to swim to our prize. When we approach tonight, we will be virtually unseen in the dark if we are careful, and if we hurry we can catch them at meal time when the guard will be minimal.” Without waiting for the crew’s reply, Amara dove head first over the rail and splashed into the sea below. Looking back. She called again. “What are you all waiting for?” she asked. More splashes were heard as her crew followed the orders given. “I kind of wish I was still drunk in the city”, one whispered to the other. “Shut up.”, the other answered.
  12. MCRA - The End of Athena's Grace Small RES - Charlatan Bay - How to choose a crew Class 2 Armed vessel - Night's Whisper
  13. The Night's Whisper is a recently "re-named and re-licensed acquisition" of the Amazonian pirate captain Amara. It sports an open front deck that can support one of the mobile cannons as well as a long gunner for pre-boarding artillery fire. The stern deck also comes equipped with space for a canon and rifleman if needed as well as the steering for the vessel. Both aft and stern have below deck rooms for crew living quarters as well as storage of goods. This vessel is meant to be operated by a crew of four and is best used as either an armed scout or escort for a larger fleet of ships.
  14. How to choose a crew Step one – find a Den of thieves and criminals A den off a dark alley where few people tread in fear of the occupants within is best. Step two – Enter the establishment A good way to do this is to simply knock on door. Step three – Pick a fight Begin educating your new crew on who will be in charge moving forward. Sometimes the easiest way to begin the lesson is to simply insult someone's mother. Step four – pick your crew Try to aid your new crew by providing them with a simple exit option from their past life to make for a smoother transition. Step five (optional) – Find a cabin boy If there is a young lad with promise within the Den of Thieves, you can permit him to join the crew without the need to "physically educate". His on the job training should be sufficient. Please look for our other helpful tip book "How to steal a new ship with your crew". These fine books can be found where all good literature is sold.