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  1. Yep same here but damn it I will end up buying it...
  2. Good thing you are not being vague about it
  3. Sorry to bother. So it seems we have absolutely no idea of the next wave (exept some expected ideas of the set and that most of them might be from ep 9). When do you think we can start seeing some leaks comming out like pics or minifigs? Cheers
  4. This right here. Gimme more of this :-) Speaking of i would rather buy just the exclusive figure in the calendar than the whole thing (Luke in this case)
  5. Darn what is it with those prices? This is so weird it's getting harder and harder if you are a collector to keep up with the minifigs lineup being so many "exclusives" figs tied to super big sets and now there are even more expensive sets. Worse part is that the prices seems something like lego would actually do. Darn it.
  6. Hey guys, So when do we usually start seeing leaked images from the next wave? Aren't we supposed to get new wave in octomber or december? Thank you
  7. Hey guys I don't think I saw this here yet so there you go. Img from new TV trailers This is the inspiration for the 75219 set
  8. See and considering this, I just help but get pissed off knowing that (from rumors) we only get ONE patron guard type in the upcoming Snoke Throne set and with Han Solo we got so many new molds and helmets for different charters. Don't get me wrong I enjoy all of them and I will most probably get all the minifigs but commeone give us more guards. Everybody loved those
  9. Yep... at least the torso and leg prints are great. Also I love the small figure helmet, compared to Enfys
  10. mitzab

    SFS TIE/x1 Advanced

    Finally!!! I have been waiting for this one since I saw your first design. I will get it first thing after my next paycheck and try to get the parts for it. Thank you so much Jerac and looking forward to your X-wing counterpart for this.
  11. I felt the same way after I saw Kylo Ren's helmet for the first time. Still don't like that mold. WAY too big And is such a shame because the design is so good
  12. Enfy looks really bad. I am very disappointed. The henchman are ok but the main char is rly underwhelming in these pictures.
  13. I don't think he is mandalorian. Paul Bettany replaced Michael K Williams's character and we knew that he had an alien CG charter. So since they had no time to make another CG char they only use Paul Bettany in makeup. So i don't believe is his own armor. Maybe just a prize / relic / collectible item. But we will know for sure in a few weeks
  14. Really really nice. Any chance for a tutorial? Cheers