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  1. SimWilliamSparrow

    [MOC] Captain Sabertooth's Cabin

    Love this! Awesome to see more Captain Sabertooth LEGO mocs! Makes me more excited for the summer and this years theater show; Captain Sabertooth and the Secret of the Sea. Loving the 'treasure' details as well, amazing! Would love to see the animated movie version of The Dark Lady one day, but one can dream. Anyway, awesome work!
  2. SimWilliamSparrow


    Now, I must say.. I LOVE this set! And if Pirates of the Caribbean EVER returns as a theme, then I hope they take notes and gives us an update Black Pearl with this design in mind. It would be perfect.
  3. SimWilliamSparrow

    Queen Catherine's Revenge

    Cant find you there. Could you post a link?
  4. SimWilliamSparrow

    Black Pearl Cabin Interior (MOC)

    Thanks, mate. I've built it as big as my parts could do at this moment. But, I've changed me mind on the Pearl itself. She'll be in LEGO form after all. I found a rather inspiring MOC that I'll take some inspiration from. Might post the finished result here when she's done.
  5. SimWilliamSparrow

    Black Pearl Cabin Interior (MOC)

    Hello! Simsparrow here, I believe this is my first own thingy. Hope I did it correctly. SO.. without further shinanigans, let me present to you: My Black Pearl Cabin Interior! This interior will be used as a movie set for my stop motions. Anyway, I've talked/written enough, here are some pictures! (I hope) And Finally an overview. I would love some feedback!
  6. SimWilliamSparrow

    Your dream Lego theme

    LEGO Doctor Who might be a possibility after all! :D
  7. SimWilliamSparrow

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    How about making this into a theme?
  8. SimWilliamSparrow

    UCS Black Pearl

    Can you please post the list of what you ordered from Bricklink?...
  9. SimWilliamSparrow

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Nope, he kinda works for LEGO so he is allowed to use any set he wants for animationfilms as long as it is to promote their sets
  10. SimWilliamSparrow

    REVIEW: Port Royal

    Awesome! Do you know if there is going to be a second wave of the theme? If so, I hope you'll get to design some of the sets, because you did a great job on Port Royal. "Take what you can, give nothing back" Capt. Jack Sparrow and first mate Joshamee Gibbs.
  11. SimWilliamSparrow

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    In this clip we see a LEGO-version of the Pearl. Does anyone else thing that we might get this version in November?.. I'll keep both my fingers and bones crossed
  12. SimWilliamSparrow

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    And the sets are starting to show up in Scandinavia! At least in Denmark, so I hope it's coming to Norway next week. Cant wait!
  13. SimWilliamSparrow

    Yellowface Captain Jack

    I LOVE the idea of Johnny Depp as a musketeer! however... I didn't like the yellowfaced Jack...
  14. SimWilliamSparrow

    Carriage House (POTC)

    I love it totally in tone with the "Captain's Daughter" pub. Great to see the first PotC related creation
  15. SimWilliamSparrow

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Well.... that sucks... why does America get it even before the country that made LEGO?...