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  1. ivyhedge

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Family returning from China brought me 80101 and 80102. They paid retail, but said they were plentiful (11 Jan). They asked about 80103 and were told sometime in late April or early May.
  2. ivyhedge

    Boston - Architecture Skyline

    Waffle - I absolutely love this! As a resident of Boston, I commend you for adding ... seemingly everything you could. Were some version to make it to production, I think Beacon Hill and the Bunker Hill Monument (in Charlestown) would probably be axed: and it would be a shame. I suspect the Customs House would likely devolve into towers from the London and Venice skyline series. Boston and Philadelphia are two American cities rich with history whose time has come for participation in the skyline series. On the international front, I'd love to see Toronto, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, and Cairo. Nice work!
  3. ivyhedge

    Landmarks Discussion

    Golden Gate, Coliseum, and Arc are great suggestions. I'd like to see the Brooklyn Bridge, Giza, the Great Wall (non-touristy section), and something more esoteric like the Easter Island heads. Some of these would doubtlessly be better achieved by folks as MOCs, but it would be exciting to to see some of what is likely to be mentioned in this discussion in microscale.
  4. ivyhedge

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    I'm excited by this news. I'd forgotten how big the submitted Ideas Saturn V was. I suppose it will be scaled down a bit for the product's release. Although I'm not a huge Beatles fan, I know many who are so I suppose it will be a unique gift (built, I bet)!
  5. Folks, how many of you open the bags? I've maintained all of the previous two series in bags only for resale purposes but admit not being able to enjoy the characters. I have multiple copies. I suppose I should just open a few for fun, eh? Perhaps get one of those cases.
  6. ivyhedge

    LEGO Architecture "World's Tallest" Custom Series

    Did I mention this one earlier? How about One57 in NY (realizing that you might put 432 Park on your "too boring" list despite its monolithic beauty)?
  7. ivyhedge

    [MOC] The People of Laaf

    Profound: I love your dedication to detail.
  8. ivyhedge

    LEGO Seasonal 2016

    Nice. I agree with the $50 comment, although it matters not. I fulfill these requests mostly by purchasing Architecture sets.
  9. ivyhedge

    [MOC] Villa Cavrois

    Stunning. It is every bit as good as any set in the Lego Architecture series.
  10. ivyhedge

    Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Target in Somerville, MA has them now, too. $3.99 here and generally $3.49 for S15 in NH. Will check NH availability tomorrow.
  11. Many eastern MA/southeastern TRUs are empty, or have old stock that has been sitting (picked over) for weeks. A few Targets I have visited (for example, to search for more Olafs/fire cars) had a few left (got another shark suit guy that way) but were clearly not restocking - what a mess. Most of my S15 purchases were for 2 for $5 at TRU NH. Anecdotes: the last time I visited the Lego store at the North Shore Mall (last week), they were "out", but I believe expected to restock, and the 30 Rockefeller Center (non flagship, this past Monday) NYC store was offering two injured guys and one faun. The greeter woman said that they were the last three that the store had.
  12. ivyhedge

    UCS Death Star Set Reveal!

    I'm all over this: I need more 2x10 green plates!
  13. ivyhedge

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    For anyone in the Boston metro area with a Target nearby... I got 70% of the fire car polybag at the Everett store in MA. Sadly, the four Olafs in the store remain in there: somewhere (have been on DPCI since yesterday afternoon so probably still there). A very nice lady - Joan - helped me look for them everywhere in the store (all clearance areas, dumps, restocking, end cap finishing, cashier areas, etc), to no avail. She was looking for a mission and loved the chase. Sadly, it was not to be.Someone with more than a lunch break might get them for just $1.19, though: best of luck on what will be "Olafs well earned". I *did* get a Shark Suit Guy, though, so WIN! Other updates: in southern NH, the Pease Tradeport/Portsmouth TRU still had about 15+ Bricktober sets (Bakery and Train) in stock for $9.98. They shipped me two of the TRU Bricktober, too, but grounded me on the Hotel, although it says they can ship it.
  14. ivyhedge

    [MOC] Poisson d'Avril

    Spiffy! Tasty?!