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  1. Perhaps throwback minifigures from fan-favourite themes? Have AFOLs vote on their favourite discontinued themes, and then one minifig designed as a tribute to the most popular retired themes would be released. Ie. If people voted for Power Miners, then a new Power Miner minifig would be made with a little collector's plate and some small build with an action feature. Considering most of the free gifts only have one minifig, if this first tribute figure was popular then the next most popular theme could be made.
  2. Hogwarts entrance hall

    Wow! Was brought right back to the start of the Philosopher's Stone game, haha. Fantastic MOC!
  3. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I agree! I've never cared about Ninjago at all before this movie wave. The sets seemed to be great for kids but not so appealing for adult collectors, which is fine and to be expected. I usually pick up at least one small set from each original LEGO theme, but yeah, Ninjago was one that never was meant for me. I was always a City and Star Wars collector, although I've become more City/Creator based as time's gone on. This wave really has changed my whole outlook on it. Modestly priced, amazingly detailed sets. I'm currently building Destiny's Bounty, the first LEGO ship I've ever bought, and I'm having an absolute blast. It's like a D2C set at the price of an ordinary large-scale set (I got mine for €100, and it has more pieces than any set I've ever owned according to Brickset, over Palace Cinema). I probably can't afford Ninjago City, but it too is certainly one of the best official sets ever made. The Green Ninja Mech Dragon is a set I'll probably cave on even though again, I've never had a LEGO dragon. It's just gorgeous and looks huge, great value for your money. Even the little sets like Master Falls and the City Chase are wonderful. I really do think you're right in saying this is one of the strongest waves of any theme ever.
  4. What did you buy today?

    The new Ninjago Movie Destiny's Bounty, €70 cheaper than Shop@Home's price at Smyths!
  5. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Head's up for any Irish or British LEGO fans, Smyths is having an up to 50% off sale which allows you to get Destiny's Bounty at a huge discount. I just got it for €100, saving €70 on Shop at Home's price. Can't wait to build this thing! I've never owned a LEGO ship or any Ninjago sets, so I'm a bit nervous as I had meant to buy the Fishing Store, but at that price I couldn't say no.
  6. Future Star Wars Sets

    Yoda's Hut sounds interesting, I hope it's good! I love little iconic scenery sets. I haven't bought a Star Wars set since Poe's X-Wing, as all of the other vehicles did not appeal to me.
  7. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The Boat House Diner is adorable, but definitely too similar to the Fishing Store, especially the top tower bit. I'm glad I voted for the Pop-Up Book, what a cool thing. Hope it does well!
  8. Modular with the best interior detail?

    Since you specify that you want a one-and-done set with lots of interior detail, I'd say the Parisian Restaurant. Great interior, pretty exterior, and it's the next oldest set after Palace Cinema. If you think you'd ever get into collecting multiple modulars (like if you get one and then get addicted like most of us, haha), it's worth noting that Palace Cinema is retiring soon. It has very very little in terms of interior detail so it may not be your thing, but head's up regardless if you ever wanted it. The interior may be sparse but it's fun to mod it yourself and fill it out with custom details.
  9. 40178: V.I.P. theme

    Stickers, that's disappointing. Still a lovely little set. Thanks for showing it to us!
  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Just announced an hour ago on Facebook, Palace Cinema retires soon! Good for LEGO to give a head's up to people. I love my Palace Cinema a ton, would certainly recommend that anybody buy it if they've missed out on it!
  11. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I agree that the weak sales can be attributed to the line being much too huge. There were WAY too many sets to choose from, and like @linnormlord said, many kids would probably just want a Batman and wouldn't care to get any other sets for obscure figures (even though those weird obscure figures would please many AFOLs). LEGO vastly over-calculated how many of these sets would be bought. Had the line been smaller and more condensed, it would have performed better. As it was; too much choice meant that some models would inevitably be left on the shelves because kids could only afford one, and kids can already get Batman in the main DC sets anyway. LEGO essentially released two whole waves of products together as one wave, expecting this colossal amount of choice to sell like wildfire because of their popularity and Batman's enduring fame, but they simply put too much unnecessary stuff on the shelves. Some of the sets could surely have been axed or left for a wave 2 if the first bunch performed well, which arguably I believe they would have. The sets were of course also very mismatched in price range. If a kid just wanted Batman, they could pick up the Joker escape and be done with it. Meanwhile, you have the Joker's Lowrider, which may be a pretty car, but you're getting the same 2 characters and one extra and one car to zoom around for €50. That's not good value for kids at all. On a personal level - perhaps just me being a jaded DC fan - I'm a bit tired of Batman's over-saturation in DC products as a whole. He's already everywhere. Having a colossal line dedicated to a movie about him is pushing that to the extreme when he also appears constantly in regular DC sets. Overall - the line was too wide. I think it would have performed much better as simply a cheaper, more conventional Batmobile, Arkham Asylum, a smaller Bat Cave, a cheaper Joker's Lowrider, and Catwoman Chase with a Batman figure; plus the CMF series but with fewer figures. I think that making a Series 2 of the CMFs is an ill-advised plan, and feel that it will go the way of Simpson's Series 2 in terms of a lack of interest.
  12. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Oh, amen to that! I forgot that none were ever made, that's insane to me. Also, how cool would it be if a minifigure scarf mold was made in various house colours? That would be a nice mold to have and reusable outside of the theme. If the rumours and indications toward a CMF series are revealed to be true, that might be a place where Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw things could appear. I think Harry will always be in every Harry Potter set. You can't really have one without him; he's the title character, and every scene (at least in the books) is seen from his perspective or he is involved in some way. There are very few scenes to my memory (please correct me if I'm wrong, my memory is awful) where Harry is not there. To exclude him would be like having an Indiana Jones set without the title character; it's just a bit weird and would probably disappoint kids. I do agree with having variations between sets though. I used to always have a problem with how Harry's minifig retained the shaggy, somewhat long-haired piece originally used for him even for sets based on the later movies, where his haircut was much shorter. There are also plenty of outfit variations that could be made with muggle clothes, quidditch uniforms, the Triwizard costumes - all of which we've seen before, but which would be nice to have updated. If there are Fantastic Beasts offerings, which I would certainly bet there will be, then your wish for sets not including those characters would be fulfilled. I can see this being a half-and-half Wizarding World release; you have a handful of sets based on Fantastic Beasts 2, and some classic Harry Potter ones also to back those up. Just my guess!
  13. [MOC] Modular City Park

    This is truly tremendous work, you should be incredibly proud of this! I love so much about it, wow! If you put this on LEGO Ideas (perhaps the smaller version would work well there), you'd have a vote from me! Brilliant stuff!
  14. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    All indications over the last few months seem to suggest a wave and a collectable minifigure series, I'm in! How wonderful to get this theme back, it's always been a source of great builds and figures! I hope it is successful, which I'm sure it will be. I hope we get a good mix of Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter characters!
  15. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'd say none of these. I've never seen Gilmore Girls, but it doesn't seem to be very child-friendly, or am I wrong? The Big Bang Theory wasn't intended for children either I suppose, but that set could justify its existence for a while because of the size of its audience, whereas the appeal of Gilmore Girls is severely limited in comparison. The Peru display is nice, but again too niche and specific. 'I Am Your Father' is out of the question, there is no point for LEGO to put Star Wars in the Ideas line considering they can make whatever they want themselves (see the BB-8 model that was on Ideas, followed by the main line model LEGO has now created). The Space Shuttle is a strong model, but again it's something LEGO already makes themselves time and again. It's arguably not new or unique enough to justify Ideas theming. The Launch Tower has absolutely no chance; it only works as a model when combined with the Saturn, a set which is being promptly discontinued. Without the Saturn on the market, the tower would be obsolete and would only appeal to a very, very limited audience of people who have the Saturn. Plus, I think the idea of selling something that expensive without including the big rocket itself is a bad idea. The only set here that strikes me as possible is the Research Aircraft; however, it's been pointed out here that LEGO can and has made jets like this in the Creator line, so I'm not optimistic that this will make it either.