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  1. Does anyone know when these new sets will hit the shelves?
  2. FF4266

    [WIP MOD] 75105 Falcon

    Modded mine also... No more gaps in the Falcon's roof, and wanted the darker panels to stay on, so it was a nice puzzle... Also attached some hoses to the engine, but I'm still changing it... Made a grill floor panel next to the engine.. See below:
  3. FF4266

    [WIP MOD] 75105 Falcon

    Can someone help me on links or article numbers for the 2x4 wedge plates? I'm just can't seem to find them on bricklink(also new for me, but my search results only have 3x6 or bigger)... And do I need dark blueish grey or Light blueish grey? Edit: Found it, had to reverse numbers..