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  1. Windex123

    [moc] Distant Sky Survey

    I really like this and the back story adds a lot. I generally try to avoid sets with the aeroplane/helicopter one piece cockpit but this makes me want to get one to try out!
  2. Windex123

    The X-Files "Mulders office"

    This is excellent! I'm currently re watching the show too so great timing.
  3. Windex123

    Garage Find Old Space Themed Sets

    Wow, you are one lucky guy!
  4. Both these an the rebels you've made are excellent. I second the shoulder armour and imperial guard hood combo comment too.
  5. Windex123

    The Cooperion

    This is awesome. I especially like the way the radar dish deploys and retracts all three landing gears simultaneously. Supported and hope to see it made into a set!
  6. Windex123


    I really like the shape of this ship and the side cockpit. The greebling on the back engine area is cool as I saw from your flickr
  7. Windex123


    This is awesome. I like how its all built into once stand alone piece
  8. Windex123

    [MOC] Steampunk "T" - '23 Ford T-bucket

    I could see this being the bad guys get away vehicle in an old black and white movie. Looks awesome
  9. Windex123

    [moc] The last peaceful explorer

    I like these, you've shown the evolution from courier to starfighter well. I especially liked the back story to go along with each build.
  10. Windex123

    Forestmen camp - MOC

    Forest men were my favourite as a kid. This is reminds me of the old sets a lot.
  11. Windex123

    [MOC] "Tec Co." Robot Factory

    This is really cool. The boss in the upstairs office, with a huge stack of money, watching over the workers really captures that style you see in movies.
  12. Windex123

    Custom Darth Vader Sith Interceptor made from 75135

    Man this is cool. I like it a lot better then the dark red. Might have to try it myself!
  13. Windex123

    [MOC - WIP] Mos Eisley Cantina

    This is excellent. I especially like the opening wall sections on the outside.
  14. Windex123

    [MOC]s - Star Wars REBELS Vehicles and other Creations

    These are all fantastic. I've just started watching rebels and am really enjoying it. I'm going to have to try my hand at some of these (smaller ones as my part limit dictates)
  15. Windex123


    I really like the old meets new aspect here.